Photo by: Charlie Johnston - A word of advice for would-be Middlegate Monster Burger slayers out there: Eat the fries while they are hot. Fredda Stevenson (shown on opposite page) and her husband, Russell, have owned Old Middlegate Station since 1985 and handle all aspects of the business themselves, including monster-burger making.

The Middlegate Monster Burger. Photo: Charlie Johnston

There are so many great places to eat in Nevada, sometimes it’s hard to narrow the field. We’re looking for help; our editor has been asked by USA TODAY’s 10Best readers choice contest to come up with 20 nominations for the best over-the-top burger or sandwich in Nevada, and while we have a lot of favorites we thought we’d ask for your assistance.

So let’s hear it! Comment in the section below, or on the social media channel where you see this post. What’s your favorite sandwich or burger?

We only have until March 27 to submit our list, so don’t delay! Vote today, and spread the word!rca-logo-2017