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Kippy Spilker


Kippy S. Spilker
Art Director

A country bumpkin at heart, I moved to Nevada from Michigan (I grew up a Yooper, on the Lake Superior shoreline) in 1995. I am rarely happier than when I’m out in nature, especially if I have my camera with me.

Having spent 15 years working on trade magazines and 5 years with a newspaper company prior to joining the Nevada Magazine staff, it has quickly become apparent that I am living my dream as Art Director.

The location of my photograph holds a special place in my heart. Above Carson City, with views of Washoe through Carson Valleys, my husband and I, on an evening drive, once happened upon an improperly-extinguished campfire here, just as it had spread far enough to begin taking its first tree. We were able to call 911 and get firefighters there in time to stop what the fire inspector said could have become the next Waterfall Fire (a very large and destructive fire in Carson City in 2004). In fact, if you happen to have a Nov/Dec 2012 copy of Nevada Magazine, you’ll see my cell phone photo of those firefighters illustrating the story “Living With Fire.”

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