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Features stories centered around food and drink, such as new or interesting restaurants, wine stores, and coffee shops. You’ll find the occasional chef spotlight and accompanying recipe as well.


Tonopah Brewing Co.

January/February 2015

Driving between Reno and Las Vegas can be a long, dry trip. The Nevada desert stretches for miles in between major (and even minor) cities along U.S. Route 95, and after a while, even the sight of ghost towns can set your mind to thoughts of sumptuous meals and thirst-quenching libations. Avoid succumbing to any mirages, and schedule a stop at the Tonopah Brewing Co.


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Cactus Creek Prime Steakhouse

November/December 2014

Nevada is a land of contrasts, and nowhere is that more evident than the Cactus Creek Prime Steakhouse at the Bonanza Casino. One of Reno’s smaller local casinos, the Bonanza offers the charm of the city’s rustic edge; no flashy foyers or marble fountains. What you’ll find is gaming, lots of local color, and quite honestly and surprisingly, one of the best chefs around.


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Teaser_Raviolis2July/August 2013

After several weeks of Nevada Magazine Senior Graphic Designer Danny Miller bragging about how great the handmade “Ravs” at Zephyr Cove’s Capisce? are, I could barely wait for our waitress to set them on the table before digging in to taste for myself.


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March/April 2012

Editor Matthew B. Brown and I never dreamed that asking our Nevada Magazine Facebook fans for their favorite burger joints in rural Nevada would produce the flood of feedback it did. Overwhelmed, we scanned our wall map, wondering aloud how we could 


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