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Then and Now. Now and Then

March/April 2015

Spring is in the air! Truth be told, it has been for a while now as we experienced a fairly mild winter here in northern Nevada. With the impending arrival of warmer weather, longer days, fresh blooms, and my allergies, I find my mind is having a hard time landing on any one subject for too long. I’m holding onto my winter activities like skiing and crocheting, knowing they’ll be gone soon, but I’m also planning for bike season and fishing excursions.  

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‘Auld Lang Syne,’ Take Two


January/February 2015
When I think of 2015, I must admit I think of “Back to the Future.” I can’t believe it was 30 years ago that, at the end of the movie, Doc Brown’s DeLorean took off for a magical world of time travel and hoverboards. The second film is the one set mostly in 2015, but the very idea of the world, 30 years into the future, was forever imprinted on me.  


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Why I Love Nevada Magazine

November/December 2014
I certainly didn’t think I would be writing on why I love Nevada when I first moved here! I was just a child and my father moved us to Las Vegas because of the construction boom. It was in the 50s when Las Vegas was just beginning to grow with homes and hotels being built everywhere.


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‘You’re not from around here, are you…’

Thumb-TouristMeggSeptember/October 2014
There are two worlds: the world of the tourist and the world of everyone else. Often they’re side by side. But the tourist doesn’t actually see how people live. —Paul Theroux, travel writer 

No offense to Mr. Theroux, but I disagree. Sure, a tourist can choose to skim the surface of travel, never becoming immersed in foreign surroundings, opting for the surest route instead of the one leading who knows where. 

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The Long Road Home

MeggThumbJuly/August 2014
I don’t really believe in luck; I’m more of a “put good in, get good out” kind of girl. But then I got the call. I was the managing editor of Nevada Magazine.

To say this is my dream job is completely inadequate. Born and raised in Reno, I was one of those kids who couldn’t wait to get out of my hometown for “greener pastures.” In my youthful zeal I swore I’d never come back, despite the wise smiles of friends who wished me well but predicted my return. I moved to the Washington D.C. area for just over a decade, had a wonderful job and life, raised my Reno-born kids, and still believed I’d never come back. That thought turned out to last only a couple years, and then, each return visit to see my family tugged a little harder at me. Watching the sun set over the Sierra Nevada mountains, swimming in the crystal blue Lake Tahoe waters, watching the pelicans fly toward Pyramid Lake’s Anaho Island … well, you can take the girl out of Nevada, my friends, but … you know the rest. 

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Take a Bow, Mr. Brown

Matt-Thumb-CharlieJohnstonMay/June 2014
I know that everyone is used to seeing Matthew B. Brown’s musings in this space; however, it is with heavy hearts that we at Nevada Magazine have said goodbye to Matt, as he has taken a new position with the City of Reno.

When I came to the magazine in 2008, Matt and I talked about the vision we both had for the future of the magazine and realized we were very much on the same page. At that time, the magazine had strayed from its roots and had become a lifestyle publication. The focus on the great history and traditions of our state had nearly been lost, and both of us felt it was high time to turn that around.

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Embrace the Ides of March

Mattthew_B_Brown-ThumbMarch/April 2014
It is written in William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, “Beware the Ides of March.” History buffs know that this is in reference to Caesar’s assassination on March 15, 44 B.C. Thankfully, in Nevada, the Ides of March have a much happier connotation, as there are two monumental anniversaries in the state’s history that fall around the notorious date.

The first is Nevada’s creation as a territory on March 2, 1861 by the United States Congress. Nevada Territory was a federal territory, a part of the Union, and consisted of nine original counties. President Abraham Lincoln appointed Governor James Warren Nye to lead and guide the territory in its pre-statehood days.

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What Do You Love About Nevada?

Mattthew_B_Brown-ThumbJanuary/February 2014
That’s a subject we could do an entire magazine on—and we will, in fact. But we need your help first.

Right off the top, happy 150th birthday, Nevada! Our six 2014 issues will be a special dedication to our state’s rich history and the people and things that make it so great today. We have some exciting things planned for our upcoming issues, including a “150 Things We Love About Nevada” special edition in November/December 2014.

That’s why we’re asking for your participation. Simply put, we want to know why you love Nevada. Send us an e-mail (preferred), write us a letter, or give us a call and tell us why the Silver State is special to you. You don’t have to be a resident—the only stipulation is that you have to love Nevada.

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