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Nevada is as rich in history as it is top-quality entertainment and travel destinations. Join us as we celebrate our wonderful state’s colorful past.


Jacob Davis and the Genes of our Jeans

September/October 2015

When a jean-clad crowd filters into Reno’s Knitting Factory on concert nights, it’s unlikely many know they are entering the site where fashion history was made.

Formerly known as 31 Virginia Street, the property housed the family home and tailor shop of Jacob William “J.W.” Davis. Although Jacob’s work normally consisted of making tents, wagon covers, and horse blankets, he accepted odd jobs from time to time.

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The Glenbrook

May/June 2015

After slumbering for almost 90 years, the historic locomotive Glenbrook is once again under steam, blasting its whistle just a short distance from where it first started operating in 1875. This Memorial Day, the Nevada State Railroad Museum in Carson City is set to host the official unveiling of the newly restored locomotive, giving the public its first chance to see an incredible piece of the area’s history come to life.

The Glenbrook—a narrow gauge, 2-6-0 locomotive—first ran as part of the railroad created by the Carson & Tahoe Lumber & Fluming Company (C&TL&F), which supplied mine timbers, lumber, and cordwood to the Comstock.

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Leading Ladies of Nevada’s Legislature

March/April 2015

On Election Day in 1918 the Nevada State Journal took an unusual stand: The newspaper endorsed a female candidate for the state Assembly. No woman had ever served in the Nevada Legislature. In fact, women did not vote in state elections until 1916.

Nevertheless, the Reno paper reminded its readers that Republican candidate Sadie Dotson Hurst “has taken an active part in public matters” and assured them…

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Silver State, Gold Records

January/February 2015

Nevada leaves a lasting impression on people for many reasons. Case in point: Nevada has been a keen source of musical inspiration for more than a century.

Just ask Dan Reynolds, lead singer of Imagine Dragons—an American indie rock band from Las Vegas—who has admitted there would be no band without Sin City. Or Brandon Flowers, frontman of Las Vegas American rock band The Killers, who told attendees at the 2013 Life is Beautiful festival that many of the band’s songs took place on the very Downtown Las Vegas streets they were standing on.

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Experience  “The 36th Star”

September/October 2014
As Nevada celebrates its sesquicentennial, the Nevada Museum of Art in Reno is giving visitors the chance to explore the state’s heritage through its exhibition, “The 36th Star: Nevada’s Journey from Territory to State.” Three years in the making, this one-of-a-kind exhibition brings together—for the first time—key documents and artifacts to help place Nevada’s legacy into the broader context of the Civil War and American history. The centerpiece is a four-day presentation of the Emancipation Proclamation signed by President Abraham Lincoln.

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Bowers Mansion

July/August 2014
The best view of Nevada’s gold- and silver-mining days can still be seen from the Bowers Mansion porch. On a warm summer afternoon, you can sit back and enjoy the same view once seen through the eyes of early Nevadans. If you use your imagination, you can picture guests arriving for a picnic: the women in their Victorian dresses; and picnic hats covered with white Swiss and green ribbons. They arrive from every direction by horse and buggy, and train.

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Battle Born Birthday Cakes

SewellsBakery-teaserMarch/April 2014
The Nevada Centennial Commission Final Report of 1964 declares, “It’s unlikely that anyone will soon attempt to repeat the feat of making so gigantic a cake.” On March 21, 2014, a similar party will occur in Carson City at Carson-Tahoe Hospital’s Sage Café. The Nevada 150 signature event is free and open to the public.


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The Metropolis That Wasn’t

Metropolis-Nevada-teaserJanuary/February 2014
Many of Nevada’s ghost towns boomed, prospered, and faded in the 1800s, when the state was largely undeveloped and had no major population centers. It’s hard to believe that a city that existed in the 1940s—an era of jet engines and color television—has all but vanished.



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