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Know Your Nevada

 Get Your Passport to a Summer of Great Adventure

May/June l 2015
Nevada has so much intrinsic beauty, cultural heritage, and geographical diversity that I am continuously amazed by new discoveries each time I travel across the state. Our 23 state parks are prime examples of that diversity, ripe with wonderful, one-of-a-kind experiences for you and your family to discover on your own. As a third-generation Nevadan, I’m proud and excited to share with you some of my favorite parks and the new Nevada Division of State Parks passport program available to residents and visitors.

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Cowboy and Women’s History Take Center Stage

Teaser_Know_UR_NVMarch/April 2014
We are almost at the halfway point of our yearlong 150th-birthday celebration and still going strong. January and February were chock full of events celebrating our state’s history, people, and culture.



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The Sesquicentennial Celebration Continues

Teaser_Know_UR_NVJanuary/February 2014
The sesquicentennial is well underway, and what fun we’re having! As I wrote in the November/December 2013 issue, we had a tremendously successful kick-off. Our November and December events were as diverse as our state. Hopefully you, your family, and friends had the chance to participate in at least one of them.
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Let the Sesquicentennial Celebration Begin!

Teaser_Know_UR_NVNovember/December 2013
Nevada’s yearlong birthday party is officially underway—and what a kickoff it was! The festivities started on October 24 with the Governor’s Banquet in Reno. Hundreds of people joined Governor Brian Sandoval and me to celebrate our state’s great history and heritage.
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Party Like It’s 2014

Teaser_Know_UR_NVSeptember/October 2013
The best part of Nevada’s upcoming sesquicentennial celebration is the fact that all Nevadans will have the opportunity to participate. It will be a year filled with delightful events and colorful tributes to the rich history of our state.



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