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Letters to the Editor

November / December 2014 Issue

Hi Megg and Eric,

I wanted to reach out and let you know how much I enjoyed reading your “Wide Open” article in the latest Nevada Magazine! As a fairly new Nevada resident, I poured over the details, and have started planning my family’s trip to our state’s northwest corner. Thanks for the tips and the great read!

Tracie Barnthouse, Reno

Tracie, welcome to Nevada! So glad we could be a resource for your family trips. We’d love to hear about your adventure, too! – MM


Just received our Sept./Oct. copy and have read it cover to cover. This issue is many times better than the last one. Every time I thought “This is it; It has to be the best article in the issue,” I found an even better article on the next page. I will go back to spend more time with the feature article since there are things I want to visit. But finishing with those incredible photos was genius.
Kay Loudon, Reno

Kay, thank you! We were pretty proud of this issue too, and we loved the photo contest winners. Make sure you check out the staff picks on our website for more great contest photos. – MM


Love Nevada. Love the magazine. Home is Nevada. While I have no “tall tales” to present, there are a couple of clarifications to note in the Sept./Oct. issue:

Among the Nevada Silver Trails adventures (ad, page 25) Death Valley/Scotty’s Castle are listed. They are in California so don’t get lost. And if you do, the areas of Nevada east of Death Valley offer spectacular exploring.

High Rock Canyon is mentioned as home to “pronghorn antelope” (page 32). Pronghorns are not “antelope,” although they are so often mistakenly identified as such it’s become the colloquial truth. Happy sesquicentennial!
Janet Thorpe

Janet, the Nevada Silver Trails group does know those areas are in California, but as many tourists base their Death Valley adventures in Nevada, they have included it in their territory advertisement, which isn’t subject to our editorial influence. The pronghorn antelope term is, as you say, a colloquial truth; the BLM, Nevada Department of Wildlife, and the Friends of the Black Rock each refer to the animals in High Rock as the pronghorn. We got our information from those sources. Thank you so much for taking the time to write us. We always strive to be 100 percent accurate, and it’s readers like you who help us! – MM

In our Sept/Oct. issue, page 56 incorrectly states that the cost of constructing of the Basic Magnesium, Inc., plant in Henderson was “$150 billion.” The actual cost was a little over $130 million. Thank you, Burt Nemcher, for your awesome attention to detail, and taking the time to let us know.


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  1. Bobbi Stokes says: -#1

    Just purchased the Nevada Magazine for July & August-we were thrilled to see TJ Browns picture-Rain on the Rails.He is a fine photographer and hope to see more of his work in your magazine. Thanks, Bobbi Stokes

  2. Congratulations to Ms. Mueller as the new Managing Editor of Nevada Magazine! I loved the Alien Cowboys on your first issue! I read it cover to cover, not even minding how homesick it made me for Nevada!

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