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Letters to the Editor

March/April 2017 Issue

GovMansionFramedPic-sm[1]WE’RE BLUSHING

Thank you very much for the beautiful picture of the Governor’s Mansion! I absolutely love it and will proudly display it. I appreciate all you do to feature all the amazing nooks and crannies of our great state. I look forward to seeing the magazine every month. See you on the trail. All Nevada! 
— Governor Brian Sandoval, Carson City


I love the magazine. I’m flabbergasted by the amount of material you run. — James Rentz, via phone


p066-071_FeatureSheldonWildlifeRefuge-1I read with great interest your article on the Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge (Sept/Oct 2016). However, I was very disappointed when you mentioned the refuge might be changed into a wilderness area. That portion of Nevada has very few visitors because of the distance from any significant community or any major highway. Making it a wilderness area will limit the number of people who can visit and enjoy the refuge because as a wilderness area, most of the visitors will be limited to people who are very physically fit, and have sufficient vacation or leisure time. Because I grew up in that part of Nevada, I know the beauty of the area and enjoy the trips there. However, because I am elderly, I will not be able to enjoy the beauty of the Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge if it is made into a wilderness. — Donald Haas, via email

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  1. Kay Henderson says: -#1

    Your magazine just keeps getting better and better. This is just a question. Are articles from current and previous issues of Nevada Magazine available on this website? If so, how to I access them? Thanks!

    • Hi Kay. Thank you for the very nice comment! Many of our stories are on the website. You can use the search bar near the bottom of the home page, or it is located at the top of any of the “inside” pages. If there’s a particular story you’re looking for and can’t find it, please let me know! –Megg

  2. Timothy Hoover says: -#1

    I have enjoyed reading Nevada Magazine for many years. Your articles and photography capture so much that characterizes the Silver State. However, I haven’t seen any articles about an environmental disaster that is occurring in our wonderful state: the murder of Walker Lake. To be sure, I haven’t read every issue of the magazine so I could be in error for writing that there are no articles. This beautiful sister of Pyramid Lake has dropped 182 feet since the Walker River was grossly over-allocated for crops that need a lot of water upstream. Some water rights have been legally purchased due the efforts of Senator Reid and the Walker Lake Working Group. The Walker Lake Crusaders work hard to keep this travesty in the news. I understand that Nevada Magazine is published by the state and the state seems to be turning a cold shoulder to this desert jewel. How about it? Please publish article about Walker Lake.

  3. I would like to see more diversity in the magazine and especially the Historical Calendar.

  4. Congratulations to Ms. Mueller as the new Managing Editor of Nevada Magazine! I loved the Alien Cowboys on your first issue! I read it cover to cover, not even minding how homesick it made me for Nevada!

  5. Bobbi Stokes says: -#1

    Just purchased the Nevada Magazine for July & August-we were thrilled to see TJ Browns picture-Rain on the Rails.He is a fine photographer and hope to see more of his work in your magazine. Thanks, Bobbi Stokes

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