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Letters to the Editor

May / June 2015 Issue

Love your magazine. I have subscribed for hundreds and hundreds of years. Well, anyway, I’m a long-time lover from Texas of your wonderful state!

Mrs. Bunny Fredericks, Seguin, Texas

Love my Nevada Magazine, and loved your article on Elko and the Ruby Mountains (even if wasn’t on page 70). Having lived there, (and having had a one-woman art exhibit at the Northeastern Nevada Museum), I commend you for featuring this special area. We spent many a day in Lamoille Canyon and the Rubies, awed by their quiet beauty. We hiked snow trails and fished alpine lakes as well as pristine, snowmelt-fed streams. If my precious family weren’t all in the South now, and my husband were to say, “Let’s move back,” my immediate response would be, “Wait…I’ll get my toothbrush.”

Carole Wilson Modlin, Lawrence County, Tenn.

I love reading Nevada Magazine and viewing all the beautiful photos. Here’s one I took on the Lake Mead north shore road toward Moapa Valley.

David Hardy, Henderson

As a longtime Nevada lover, I look forward to each issue, which reminds me of past journeys or future adventures. I love Nevada’s desert winds. My grandfather mined in Rhyolite 110 years ago and I still feel his presence when visiting the ghost town, where the dry desert winds still blow, just like back then. Gold found, masses arrive, and the desert winds blow. Fortunes made, town booms, and the desert winds blow. Recession hits nation, mines close, and the desert winds blow. Buildings crumble, everyone gone, and the desert winds blow.

Craig MacDonald, Orange County, Calif.



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  1. Bobbi Stokes says: -#1

    Just purchased the Nevada Magazine for July & August-we were thrilled to see TJ Browns picture-Rain on the Rails.He is a fine photographer and hope to see more of his work in your magazine. Thanks, Bobbi Stokes

  2. Congratulations to Ms. Mueller as the new Managing Editor of Nevada Magazine! I loved the Alien Cowboys on your first issue! I read it cover to cover, not even minding how homesick it made me for Nevada!

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