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Letters to the Editor

January/February 2016 Issue


Loved the story on Harold’s Club. How I wish it was still there. As a kid, I remember it as the friendliest place in town with the movie theater for children, the museum of western guns, artifacts, and paintings. Fascinating to hear over the loudspeaker: “Frank Sinatra pick up line one.” Pappy strolling through the club, handing out autographed photos, and taking the time to chat. But one of the neatest things was the Harold’s Club Daily News—a blue single sheet that I used to get in a rack on the elevator. It not only had the current news but also the weather. How cool is that! For Halloween in the 1950s, I won a contest by wearing a barrel (no shirt or long pants) that had the message: “Lost My Shirt At Harold’s Club!” Thanks for the fond memories!
— Craig MacDonald, Orange County, Calif.


On page 8 (Nov./Dec.), the statement of “an actual 747 aircraft was rolled out” isn’t true. An actual 747 has a wingspan of 195-225 feet and a length of 230-250 feet depending on the model. It would never fit on the stage. The plane used in the show was a fake and does not look like any actual plane, and it had a wingspan of just 80 feet.
— Ross Loudon, Reno


We just received our November/December issue and want to send our congratulations to everyone at Nevada Magazine for the awards you received. We agree—the magazine is great! We really enjoyed the article about Kingston and Belmont. It was great to be able to visit with you both in Belmont and be able to show off the courthouse with all the restoration changes our group has accomplished.
— Rick and Donna Motis, Belmont


I LOVE the magazine and we love to get over to Nevada whenever we can. Was so excited when I turned the page to Kingston (November/December) only to see my beloved Zee sitting on the floor like I remember him. We visited Miles End B&B a few years back. John and Ann were great hosts; laid back, great food. What a wonderful place. Up until that time I wasn’t too much of a dog person (we have cats, poultry, etc.). But, for some magical reason Zee and I hit it off like soul mates. Zee would sit on our room stoop in the morning awaiting me to come out. He actually would come in the room and lay by the bed. By the time we left, I was so in love with Zee. Just seeing him again in the beautiful sitting room and at the pond, brought back so many memories. Normally I donate the magazine to our hard-pressed library, but will not relinquish this one.
— Linda O’Keefe, Mountain Ranch, Calif.



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  1. I would like to see more diversity in the magazine and especially the Historical Calendar.

  2. Congratulations to Ms. Mueller as the new Managing Editor of Nevada Magazine! I loved the Alien Cowboys on your first issue! I read it cover to cover, not even minding how homesick it made me for Nevada!

  3. Bobbi Stokes says: -#1

    Just purchased the Nevada Magazine for July & August-we were thrilled to see TJ Browns picture-Rain on the Rails.He is a fine photographer and hope to see more of his work in your magazine. Thanks, Bobbi Stokes

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