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Letters to the Editor

November/December 2015 Issue

I have subscribed to your fine publication for many years, and I must congratulate you on your excellent article “Hunters and Conservation are a Natural Pair” (Sept./Oct. 2015). Without scientifically managed hunting and work performed by conservation groups, the wildlife we treasure would slowly disappear. Your article went a long way in educating the public as to the role played by hunters and conservation groups in protecting wildlife in America.
— Nick Byrne, La Canada, Calif.

I’ve been a long time subscriber to Nevada Magazine, and I’ve never enjoyed it more than since you joined as managing editor. Your style is easy going, personal and enjoyable. Each month I look forward to reading the stories you and Eric Cachinero collaborate on, especially those where you travel the state. The duo of Megg and Eric has something special about it.
— Manuel J. Raposa, Sparks





Editor’s note: We received many letters from our brilliant readers, pointing out a big error…read on for one of them, and thank you everyone who set us straight! 

You may have received comment about the Hoover Dam article. “The Name Game” on page 68 could be interpreted that FDR dedicated the dam in 1947. Not possible! He died here in Georgia at Warm Springs in April 1945.
— Robert G. Williamson, Jr., McDonough, Ga.



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  1. Bobbi Stokes says: -#1

    Just purchased the Nevada Magazine for July & August-we were thrilled to see TJ Browns picture-Rain on the Rails.He is a fine photographer and hope to see more of his work in your magazine. Thanks, Bobbi Stokes

  2. Congratulations to Ms. Mueller as the new Managing Editor of Nevada Magazine! I loved the Alien Cowboys on your first issue! I read it cover to cover, not even minding how homesick it made me for Nevada!

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