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Notable Nevadan

A spotlight on a person (or persons) with close ties to Nevada who has made a noteworthy impact on our state. Typically, he or she is born and/or living in Nevada.

David Toll Q&A

David-Toll-indexSeptember/October 2016
David Toll is synonymous with rural Nevada. His book “The Complete Nevada Traveler” is considered the one resource roadtrippers can’t live without when traveling Nevada’s back roads and small towns.


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Lonnie Hammargren Q&A

IMG_7625July/August 2016
Dr. Lonnie Hammargren is a straight-up Nevada institution. A retired neurosurgeon , former Lieutenant Governor, and lover of all things Nevada, Dr. Hammargren often opens his home and eclectic collection of memorabilia to the public for tours on Nevada Day. Our Carrie Roussel talked with Dr. Hammargren from his famed Las Vegas home.

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Dawn Wells Q&A

image001May/June 2016
Dawn Wells is a Reno native and a national treasure. A former Miss Nevada, Dawn will forever live in our hearts as Mary Ann Summers—the Kansas farm girl from “Gilligan’s Island.” Dawn hasn’t slowed down since the show’s end, but she took a moment to talk with our Carrie Roussel about life before and after the island.

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Women’s History in Nevada

AnneMartin-Nevada-teaserMarch/April 2014
This year—2014—has garnered a lot of attention in the Silver State, and for good reason: it’s Nevada’s 150th birthday. But the year should also be known for another important anniversary. One hundred years ago, on election day—November 3, 1914—the women’s suffrage resolution won in the state by a decisive margin.

Determined women such as Anne Martin campaigned vigorously to earn the victory in Nevada, five whole years before the 19th Amendment granted suffrage on a national level. In fact, March 3, 2014 marks 100 years since suffragists marched on Washington D.C.

In March, as a nation we celebrate Women’s…

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Black History in Nevada

DavidBMeadows-Nevada-teaserJanuary/February 2014
On Monday, January 20, we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day in Nevada and the rest of the country. King is the recognizable face and symbol of the mid-1900s civil-rights movement, even making a trip to Las Vegas in 1964 in support of his friend and local activist Bob Bailey.

In fact, Vegas was so segregated a half a century ago that it carried the unenviable moniker of the “Mississippi of the West.” Like their Southern Nevada counterpart, most hotels and restaurants in Carson City and Reno also refused service to blacks at the time.

In February, we celebrate…

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