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Notable Nevadan: Kathleen Sandoval

AOC-Kath-&-BrianKathleen Sandoval has been Nevada’s First Lady since her husband, Brian, was elected governor in 2010. Mrs. Sandoval is the mother of three children, and has devoted herself to causes benefitting Nevada’s children. She is the director of the Children’s Cabinet, the largest nonprofit organization in northern Nevada.

Question: Where do you live?

Kathleen Sandoval: I was born in Reno and have lived here all of my life except when I went away to college. Right now I split my time between Carson City and Reno.

Question: What’s your favorite thing about living in Nevada?

Kathleen Sandoval: My favorite thing about living in Nevada is the people. There are so many people who truly love this state and people who care and want to make a difference in this state.

Question: Do you have a favorite Nevada memory?

Kathleen Sandoval: I have so many special Nevada memories since I have lived here my entire life. My favorite and most impactful memories are of my three children being born in Nevada.

Question: What’s your favorite Nevada event or festival?

Kathleen Sandoval: Nevada Day is my favorite event and especially hosting trick-or-treating at the mansion. I love to see all of the children and adults in their costumes.

Question: What’s your favorite Nevada thing to show/do with out-of-town guests?

Kathleen Sandoval: My favorite place to take guests is Lake Tahoe. Every time I drive up to Lake Tahoe, as soon as I see the lake, it takes my breath away and I immediately feel relaxed.

Question: Who do you consider to be a notable Nevadan? Why?

Kathleen Sandoval: It is hard to just pick one. Brian, of course, because he has made such an incredible, positive impact on our state. My dad, James Teipner, because he believed in me and taught me how to care and give back to people. The most notable Nevadans are the Nevadans I work with everyday who work endlessly to make a difference in children’s lives in our state.

Question: What does being Battle Born mean to you?

Kathleen Sandoval: For me, being Battle Born is calling Nevada home and having an extreme pride to live in our state.

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