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2014 Great Nevada Picture Hunt – Staff Picks


Janet Geary, Publisher
Publisher’s Picks

Angie Davis – This photo evoked memories of many Christmas mornings.  The deer is so sweet looking in the window.

Beverly Orozco – One of my absolute favorites!  How she was able to capture all these little guys in one photo is amazing.

Bill Gerrard – This night sky and the ghost town ruins look truly ethereal and almost other-worldly.  Great photo!

Dotty Molt – This really captured my imagination.  It looked like this tree was staring at me from all angles.  What fun!

Mario Lopez – I’ve never seen Carson City look like this – great image and the colors are really beautiful.


Megg Mueller, Editor
Editor’s Picks

Dave Harrison – This photo of Boundary Peak took my breath away; the color, the vastness, the aching solitude all rising to a majestic peak are everything I think of when I say “Nevada.”

Jim Snyder – I love the composition of this photo. It’s a singular shot with so much happening, so many questions … I could stare at this for hours.

Lee Molof – The colors in this photo are just outstanding. Muted, yet so evocative. And I love the frost on the ground; it’s like winter is waiting to pounce.

Matthew Toll – Fall colors in Nevada, even to a native, can be unexpected. This image is rural, authentic, and so infused with the season it was a no-brainer for me.

Richard Baker – I have to admit it, I love the candy-like colors and the moodiness of this photo. It makes my heart start pounding, then I see the sun poking out, and a smile breaks out on my face.



Sean Nebeker, Art Director
Art Director’s Picks

Eleanor Preger – I Believe In Rainbows – Jewels of Lake Tahoe

Kristoffer Pfalmer – Into the Sun – To take this photo I had to break one of the oldest rules of photography – don’t shoot into the sun!  What makes this photo unique to the Reno Air Races is the presence of three racing pylons sticking up from the tarmac in the distance (look closely).  Sometimes simplicity makes for the best photos; I enjoy looking at this shot because it is simple, but still powerful.

Lara Matthews –  Valley of Fire: Sunset Rock

Neil Lockhart – Galactic Arch – Sand Harbor, Lake Tahoe, Nevada. 17 Image portrait stitch to include all of the milky way.

Robert Petersen – Harmon Reservoir, Fallon – Sunset January 2014



Adele Hoppe, Advertising Sales Manager
Adele’s Picks

Cindy Whitaker – Cowboy’s boot: I have a thing for all things cowboy! I love the old wagon and wheel and his dress boots and chaps together. This is a photo that I would hang on my great room with my other cowboy art.

Gregory McLemore – sunset over a lake: What can I say… that’s a Nevada sunset! The skies in Nevada are always so majestic. The cloud formations, with the clean air, and the mountain ranges make for some of the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets I’ve ever seen!

Paul Sebesta – Lake Tahoe sunset: Again, skies like this make me stop whatever I’m doing and appreciate what a beautiful place Nevada is and how privileged I feel to live here.

Paulina Leyba  – wide open green spaces: This is a view I’d love to have in front of me while I was out riding my horse. Just wide open spaces that are lush and green with the clean, blue sky and the soft tranquil puffy clouds to put me in that perfect daydream state where there’s no stress or demands. Just me, my horse and endless possibilities.

Robert Petersen – Virginia City abandoned: I feel the anticipation of a new day on the horizon when I look at this photo. The grey sky, with the wispy clouds, are so Nevada to me. I guess it could be an evening shot, but my imagination sees the quiet before a busy day begins.


Eric Cachinero - Associate Editor

Eric Cachinero, Associate Editor
Eric’s Picks

Dennis Doyle – As an admirer of Nevada’s exceptional sagebrush scenes, this photograph hits close to home. It reminds me of hunting with my grandfather, as we have spent many mornings hiking and weaving through sagebrush and mountains such as these.

Kristen Kabrin – The incredible detail in this photo is what got me the most. Being able to see the engravings and intricate flakes of rust on the locks makes it easy to imagine their texture.

Melissa Blosser – I love old barns, I love the sky, and I love snow. This photograph sums up those things nicely and keeps me hoping for a snowy winter.

Richard Baker – I’ve spend countless mornings and evenings watching the sun appear and vanish in Nevada. There’s just something comforting about the colors of Nevada’s sky. Richard presents these brilliant colors very tactfully in this image.

Tracy Hebert – Tracy’s work never ceases to amaze me. She can take virtually any Nevada scene and make it bust with vibrancy and life. This photo does a wonderful job at blending the excitement of the sun with the ominous clouds.



Carrie Roussel, Circulation Manger
Carrie’s Picks

Dennis Doyle’s soft and dusky trees and mountain range – I absolutely love the grandeur of this image. Doesn’t hurt that it is an amazing view of Nevada that could easily be what the original settlers saw.

Doty Molt – She captures images with her very unique and artistic “eye” and I really love that about her work. I can feel the cold air and the quiet in her “Winter Eyes” image.

Heather Anderson’s crowd shot – this is so truly Nevada. I’ll bet some of those fans are at every single game. This isn’t our lifestyle but this shot so beautifully captures the crowd that it makes me want to attend and cheer along with them. Go Pack!

Melissa Knight’s moon over Fort Churchill – Wow. So striking and eerie, in a beautiful way. Someone should take their loved one out here with a bottle of wine and a blanket and propose to them at this moment in time.

Paul Sebesta’s Lavender sky reflection – I really love vibrant images, and this is just beautiful and amazing. Can you imagine being a dog romping through the brush and feeling like the king of the world in this photograph? Was it hard for Paul to reach this spot and when he turned around and saw this was he blown away by how majestic our skies are? Did said dog plunge into the serene pond and create ripples for days after the shutter closed? It’s not just a moment, it’s a whole afternoon turning into evening.

Richard Baker’s sunrise over the field – This could very easily have been taken on my drive home from soccer practice last night. This is Nevada, to me. My home, my sky. Thank goodness my land is not this big or I’d never accomplish anything! I’ll keep my lil’ ol’ two acres, thanks.



Danny Miller, Senior Graphic Designer
Danny’s Picks

So hard to pick my ‘favorites’. We had so many great submissions for the Photo Contest. I want them all on my walls. Thank you for making it hard to pick! I look forward to more great Nevada pictures from all of you!

Barb Davids (Quiet on the Fake Set) I really like this photo. Very crisp and detailed. I find myself looking back at this photo often.

Lara Matthews – Another photo that has tons of detail. Really tells the ‘Nevada Wide Open’ story. Makes me want to go visit this formation.

Neil Lockhart – One of my favorite photographers because of his use of lighting and creativity. I really like the time lapse and the lighting in this photo. One of my favorites for sure.

Paul Richmond  – I am such a huge fan of black and white photography. I wish we had more submissions like this one. Another photo I find myself looking at over and over. I’m usually not a fan of soft edges, but this really caught my eye and definitely another favorite of mine.

 Paul Sebesta – As much as I like black and white photos, vivid bright contrasting colors really grab me also. This photo says Nevada to me in so many ways.



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