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2018 Great Nevada Picture Hunt Results

One of the definitions of territory is “an area of knowledge, experience, or activity,” and that is certainly fitting of Nevada’s six territories. Each one highlights the diverse beauty and history of the region, and it was with this in mind that Nevada’s territories were chosen as the theme of this year’s Great Nevada Picture Hunt.

We also opened up this year’s contest to the budding photographers—kids
10 and younger, and 11-20—so we could see Nevada through their eyes.

Voting for the winners is always a bittersweet event. There are so many wonderful images, and each person on the staff struggles to choose their favorites. We thank everyone who submitted photos; it was a joy to view each and every submission.


It’s called “Cowboy Country,” but it is much more than that. Cowboy Country is all about tradition, but not hide-bound by it. Just a few hours highway time from big cities to the north,  south, east, and west, it is a free country, mingled with just enough city to keep things interesting.


Jackie Gorton, adult category: “Every chance we get, my hubby and I try to get away from it all. This particular weekend was no different and we headed north out of Gerlach, driving 20 miles on pavement and then 50 more miles on dirt. In the dark, we rendezvoused with our friend, Don, at this little Nevada gem. What a treat it was to wake up that morning to find nothing. No trees, no vehicles, no people; just us surrounded by the beautiful Nevada high desert mountains, cows bellowing in the distance and a small body of crystal clear water with trout dimpling the surface. We spent the entire day cruising around, fishing, and photographing out of our float tubes. I had this photo in my mind all day, so when the sun began to set I kept my eye on the guys. Finally, the light was perfect for a silhouette.”



Abbie Whitaker, age 11-20: “I’m so excited to have one of my photos selected and published in Nevada Magazine, as my mother’s photos and articles have been published in a couple of magazines. This photo makes me think even small towns can fill the eye from this view.”


The Reno-Tahoe Territory is a tourism-rich destination that encompasses Reno, Sparks, Incline Village, Carson City, Carson Valley, Genoa, Gardnerville, Minden, Topaz, Virginia City, and South Lake Tahoe. Each area has its own unique culture, history, scenery, and hidden gems that display amazing contrast for a region so close together.



Troy Wright, adult category: “I took this image in Minden, the morning after our largest snowfall of the year.”


Abigail Phillips, age 11-20: “We kept watching this duck trying to get up the water fall going into Virginia Lake, and after the fourth try he finally made it.”


Phoenix K. Strauss, younger than 10: “There is a house down the road from us and the person who lives there makes really cool stuff out of metal. He has this big dragon close to the road and at night it has lights that light it up. I like that I can see it when I drive home. I think this dragon protects the neighborhood. I named it Festus. The camera that I used was my birthday present.”


Welcome to a 17-million acre museum, where visitors can experience nature, history, art, and science. You can find it all in Pony Express Territory as you explore ghost towns, old mines, rock art sites, and nature preserves. And at night, you can enjoy an open-air observatory with a great view of the heavens. Undisturbed and one of a kind, the doors are always open in Pony Express Territory and there are no waiting lines.


Barb Swetzof Lund, adult: “This picture happened by total accident. I told my husband to go to the Carson Lake Bird Sanctuary but couldn’t remember what road to take. “I think it’s this road,” I said. But, it was not the right road at all. Despite being the wrong road, we drove down a ways. The sun was starting to set and the light was fading fast. I was ready to leave, but just as I was about to give up I looked to my right and saw an old corral. I jumped out of the Jeep, grabbed my camera, and ran up to the corral. I ran around frantically snapping shots, trying to beat the setting sun. I’m sure glad we ended up taking the wrong road! I’d like to dedicate this photo to the people of Fallon.”


Carissa Parsons, age 11-20: “I took this photo in August 2015 as an assignment for a class at Western Nevada College in Fallon, Introduction to Digital Photography. My teacher was Robert Petersen, and he inspired me to push myself with photography. I took this picture in Fallon, where we have wild sunflowers that grow in the summer. I asked a friend to drive around Fallon with me around sunset, because Robert had told us the best lighting for photos is at sunrise or sunset. I ended up taking this picture, and it has been one of my all-time favorites over the years. This photo is special to me because it increased my confidence in my photography abilities and led me to continue to pursue a hobby that I love.”


Emma Elizabeth Baker, younger than 10: “We went to the Baker Ranch branding. I usually load the ear tagger, but I took photos this time. I had to take the photos through the fence because I wasn’t tall enough to look over. I took a bunch of photos, and this is the one I liked best. After I cropped it, I could see the horse’s expression better. I’d like to rope someday.”


There’s a whole wide state to explore out here, which means you’re about to embark on the adventure of a lifetime. Ghost towns, trails, hiking, climbing, off-roading, fishing, bird-watching, wild horses, boating, biking, golfing, wine tasting; It’s all out there in Nevada Silver Trails.


Jeff Sullivan, adult: “I’ve been exploring Nevada for many years with an eye towards developing workshop itineraries. I captured this shot of the Goldfield High School on a recent return visit to the Tonopah/Goldfield area, where I was working out detail on itineraries, subjects, and access permissions.”


Sofia Castillo-Trujillo, 11-20: “The calm, peaceful shores of Walker Lake are why I like spending a majority of my time there. A short 15-minute drive has so many photographic possibilities and is a great way to get away from daily ruckus. I never would’ve thought a small task of taking a profile picture for my grandma would turn into an amazing opportunity to enter this contest. “Turn your face toward the sun and let the shadows fall behind you” is truly how I put this picture into words.”


Kaleigh Taylor, younger than 10: “I took this picture when I went with my grandma and grandpa (Anna and Mike Whiteside) on a road trip to Little Fish Lake Valley near Tonopah. I was using Grandma’s Nikon camera to take pictures when Grandpa stopped and told me to look up the road and there were four antelope standing there just waiting for me to take their picture. I took the picture through the windshield of the pickup.”


Las Vegas naturally brings to mind gaming and world-class entertainment. But, there is another side of Nevada for you to experience and most certainly enjoy! Las Vegas territory is filled with outdoor recreational opportunities, shopping adventures, dining pleasures, and romantic getaways just to name a few.


J. Tyge O’Donnell, adult: “It was May of last year and I was leaving Lake Las Vegas after photographing some paddle boarders when a ginger-haired fellow saw my camera gear and stopped me. ‘Hi, I’m Sean Ray. I’m about to get some practice in on the hydro-board if you’d like to stick around and take some more photos.’ I did just that and for the next 45 minutes I witnessed the most incredible hydroflight demonstration. Sean could surf the sky! Come to find out, at the time he was ranked 27th in the world but has since moved up in the rankings to being one of the Top 3 champions in the world of hydroflight.”


You’re invited to explore Nevada’s Indian Territory, to immerse yourself in the culture and the majestic landscape, and to meet the strong and brave people whose ancestors were stewards of this land for millennia. It’s a land of natural and cultural treasures. A land where pelicans splash around in the middle of the desert. Where antelope are sometimes spotted racing alongside a car or a bighorn sheep is seen sipping from a spring. Where sunsets and sunrises transform mountains into pillars of fire. And where ancient fish swim in desert lakes.


Paige Shaw, adult: “We had read that the Stewart Indian School was having a Powwow and thought it would be a wonderful cultural experience and a chance to take photos. A circle of musicians playing the drums and chanting lured me to sit as close as possible, not only to listen, but to feel the reverberations. This allowed me capture the unique colorful regalia with the water tower in the background.”

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