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Travels: You Have Them, We Want Them

Car Forest

Sarah Decker Ning shared her 36-hour road trip to the Cowboy Poetry Festival with us. Click the image to read her story and find out where these cars are.

Exploring Nevada is what brings us together … at least on the pages of our magazine and website. For staff, our love of the history, color, and adventure of Nevada is what brings us to work each day and part of why we consider ourselves to have the best jobs in the world. For our readers (yes we’re looking at YOU) it’s the reason you (hopefully) subscribe to Nevada Magazine, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, etc., and surf us on the Web.

We love sharing this connection with you, and now we’d like you to share with us.

We recently debuted a new department in Nevada Magazine: Travels. Simply put, we want to read about your Nevada adventures and see your photos. Each issue, we’ll run one reader’s story and images. If you’ve recently taken or are planning on a Nevada vacation, let us know; you just might be picked to share your story with our readers.

To see the kind of story we love, check out the May/June 2014 issue, where we feature a 36-hour road trip from Las Vegas to Elko, where our author attended the annual Cowboy Poetry Festival. You can also view the story on our website here: On the Road to Cowboy Poetry.

Submit your Travels’ story to We’ll see you on the road!

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