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Nevada Rocks

Nevada Rocks!

We are painting rocks to hide around Nevada to spread joy and brighten people’s day. Come join us! This is a Travel Nevada and Nevada Magazine project meant to inspire creativity in all ages and energize people to explore the beautiful state we live in.

If you find one of the special rocks we’ve hidden around the state, email a selfie with the rock (along with your name and mailing address) to for a chance to win a special prize!

Also, you can join us in the rock painting fun!

All you have to do is find some painting supplies and get creative! This is fun for ALL ages young & older. Search rock painting ideas on Pinterest or google search images. Keep your art work kid friendly, for there will always be kids finding rock. If you find a rock that is not kid friendly, please do not post a picture of it in this group! Just simply paint over it and move on!

ALWAYS SEAL YOUR ROCKS BEFORE HIDING THEM!! Front and back. Be sure to tag the back of your rock with, Nevada “Rocks” on Facebook. You can also add keep or hide, but make sure to post pics on Nevada Magazine’s Facebook page.

We would love for you to post pictures of your painted rocks before hiding them, or even when you find them but you can participate anonymously if you prefer. If you find a painted rock from the group you can either keep or re-hide it for someone else to find. If you keep a rock, you are encouraged to hide a new rock in its place.

The goal is to get lots of people around Nevada painting so there are enough rocks to go around and be found. You might find yourself rediscovering parts of Nevada you haven’t appreciated in a while! Get out and enjoy yourself! Add you friends to the group who would be interested in doing this and share the group to your Facebook page.

Please be careful where you hide your rocks so that they don’t cause any damage to property. Don’t hide in grass where it can damage a lawn mower or hurt someone. Don’t steal rocks from someone’s private property or from someone’s landscaping. Don’t trespass.
Do not hide close to roads or water, use your best judgment when it comes to children’s safety. This is fun for all ages, so be safe!
Leaving rocks in state/National parks is not allowed. Don’t leave anywhere a person has to climb to get the rock or in the middle of pathways where people can trip!
Don’t leave in businesses that don’t give permission before hiding them and let’s keep rocks outside only.

When out hiding rocks we encourage you to bring gloves & trash bags. “Rocks” in “trash” out!

We have lots of very talented people in Nevada and we understand the urge to want to buy or sell these rocks of art. However we want to clarify that we do not allow any buying or selling. Any attempt to commission art work should happen via private message only! Any comment or post requesting a commission will be deleted.

ADVERTISEMENT rocks ARE permitted, under these guidelines.
-A logo/business name
-free item (coffee/meal/etc)
asking for $ or any sort of percentage off/coupon that requires $ to be spent.
-prizes (cash, gift cards, ect)
Advertisement rocks that violate these rules will be removed from the group page.

We understand not everyone will agree with these guidelines, but please understand it is impossible to please everyone. We consider local businesses to be a part of our state & welcome them to participate in our mission of painting and hiding rocks and spreading joy!

We moderate this page the best we can to keep a positive and uplifting space! Any negative complaining post will be deleted.

Play in a way that spreads joy, receive joy yourself while you play.
You do not need to take photos, you can if it brings you joy.
You do not need to post photo hits, you can if it brings you joy.
You do not need to rehide, you can if it brings you joy.
You do not need to re-hide in the same place, you can if it brings you joy.
There is no limit on how many rocks you hide, create, find or keep. Just be sure to share the joy with others as well. Lots of people are working hard to bring joy to everyone, so leave some rocks for others to enjoy.

When you paint a rock and place it out of your possession, consider it a gift and let go. You may never see or hear of it again. If your own purpose was that it would only bring joy to stay in control of your rock, then you missed the point of our page. Give just to give, not because you expect a return.

Happy hunting!

Above is a copied, modified version of a mod post from Angelique of the Vancouver “rocks” Facebook group.

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