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Rural Wranglers: Virginia City

Silver, saloons, mining lore, the Comstock, and Mark Twain: It's likely some or all of these words come to mind at the mention of Virginia City. The history of this northern Nevada gem is as wild, deep, and important as they come, and it also makes for a seriously fun destination.
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A Portal Through Time

Some structures are immediately identifiable: The Eiffel Tower, Westminster Abby, and the Space Needle among them. For Nevada ghost town enthusiasts and historians, it’s the façade to the Sutro Tunnel. The tunnel and adjacent ghost town were closed to visitors for decades, yet the portal remained as a reminder of Comstock Lode and Nevada history. In 2021, Friends of Sutro Tunnel acquired the 150-year-old property, and today, visitors are invited to wander back in time to explore this historic site. 
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Yesterday: Nevada Mines Yield Great Wealth

This story originally ran in the May/June 1939 issue of Nevada Magazine. Mining has been recognized as one of Nevada’s major industries since the very beginning of its settlement. From the time when gold was first discovered at the mouth of Gold Creek Canyon, near Dayton, in Lyon County, back in 1849, down to the present […]