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Dinner With a Side of History

Combine a tour of the city’s historic buildings with some of its hippest restaurants and watering holes. These establishments often boast up to a century (or more) of civic pride, but their menus keep it fresh, innovative, and mouthwatering!
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Comfort Cuisine

Whether you know them as cafés, diners, hash houses, or greasy spoons, rural restaurants are the oases of the highway. Yes, they provide essential, good-mood-food for road trippers, but that’s not the only reason they’re beloved. The fact is that diners are a universal part of American culture. Everything from the white mugs to the laminated menus and breakfast counter chatter is welcomingly familiar no matter how far from home we are. So, as you make your way across the Silver State, keep these excellent options in mind: Your stomach and your spirit will thank you.