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The Ballad of Diamondfield Jack

Despite the Hollywood version of cattle raising in the Old West, few ranchers employed a gun-for-hire to eliminate rustlers or sheepherders. This is not to say it wasn’t done; around 1895, a few of the larger spreads in Wyoming brought in a “regulator” named Tom Horn to “clean up” the range, and at $500 a head, he was well on his way to doing so when he was convicted of murder and sent to the gallows. For years, Jack Davis faced the likelihood of the same fate.
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Historic Sentence Fits the Crime

The hanging of Elizabeth Potts marks Nevada’s only execution of a woman. Photos courtesy of the Northeastern Nevada Museum. “It is a dreadful thing to hang a woman, but not so dreadful as for a woman to be a murderer.” BY BOB SAGAN If “Dubious Achievement Awards” were handed out in 19th-century Nevada, Elizabeth Potts […]
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A Mysterious Murder On The Comstock

VIRGINIA CITY – A MYSTERIOUS MURDER ON THE COMSTOCK Unanswered questions loom after the murder of a notorious prostitute. BY ROBIN FLINCHUM It’s been 150 years since that dreadful January morning when Mary Jane Minieri left her little cottage on Virginia City’s D Street and stepped carefully through the mud to her friend and neighbor Julia Bulette’s […]