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Shopping in the Past

In a time when hand-held technology becomes outdated almost before it hits the shelf, it seems nothing is made to last. Wouldn’t it be nice to experience something so well made it has lasted for generations? Along with great quality, items such as a hand-crafted oak table or a vintage Lionel train set can stir nostalgic feelings and harken back to an earlier time. If an antique road trip speaks to you, treasures such as these can be found at antique and collectible stores in northern Nevada.
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Gift Guide 2023

Everyone loves giving presents, but some souvenirs are just too good to give away. These gifts and goodies are perfect for friends and family, but it’s OK to be a little stingy and grab your own cache of Nevada-made memories. Nevada Magazine & Visitor Guide staff have made a few recommendations to get the ball rolling, so happy shopping!
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Industrial Fun

A bit of a bold statement was made by a “New York Times” architecture and design blogger when she stated “The shipping container could be the 21st century’s brick.” Bold perhaps, but not without merit. The containers are inexpensive, easy to transport and set up, sustainable, and watertight, to name just a few attributes.  Need further proof? Container parks dot the planet, and in the last decade or so, industrial structures inviting shopping, dining, recreation, and more have sprung up everywhere from California to Dubai. In Nevada, there are three alone, each with its own vibe and intention, but all distinctly engaging.