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Michael Branch: For the love of the Great Basin

Most of Nevada is part of the Great Basin Desert—a massive, dry expanse of parallel mountain ranges and deep valleys covered in sagebrush, where you can drive miles without seeing much in the way of humanity. While some look at the vast desert as mileage that needs to be covered before reaching a destination, author and University of Nevada, Reno English Professor Michael Branch looks at what others consider nothingness as a place of complicated beauty that is waiting to be explored on foot. Branch has penned three books that chronicle the joys—and hilarious challenges—of his life living on the edge of the dry Nevada wilderness.
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Nevada Part V: War, Whiskey, and Wild Times!

Combat, prohibition, and the emergence of Las Vegas shape the next era in Nevada’s history. BY RON SOODALTER With the twentieth century came developments in travel, communication, and international commerce that had shrunk the globe, involving virtually every nation in one another’s affairs—and the United States was no exception. World War I began in 1914, […]