Pioche’s Gem Theater Under Renovation

Melissa Clary has always been drawn to the Wild West. For years, she made it a point to explore the historic settlements near her home in Las Vegas.  Pioche has been on Melissa’s radar for a long time. She had visited many times over the years and had even joined in on community celebrations. She […]

Taking on the Middlegate Monster Burger

Nevada Magazine & Visitor Guide Associate Editor Cory Munson takes on the famed Middlegate Monster. Can he beat it and walk away with a brag-worthy T-shirt? Watch and find out. You'll also learn a little about the Middlegate area and see how the Monster is made.

Weekly Roundup 8/26

NEWS AROUND THE STATE ARCHIVE DIVE This week, we’ve assembled stories about heroes and heroics! MYSTERY PHOTO Each week, we quiz Nevada experts to spot that location. Send your answers to the email found at the bottom of this page. That’s it for this week! Have some local news you’d like to share? Send a […]
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