One more day. It’s something many vacationers and travelers wish they had, but seldom take even when they do. It’s no secret that we’re all busy, and getting back home a day early can make getting ready for the week that much easier. But staying just one more day can mean the difference between a quick glimpse and a comprehensive experience. So take the time to live your adventure to the fullest, and do something special on your one more day. You owe it to yourself.

If you find yourself in Carson City and you’re looking for a one-more-day idea, give these a try:


Kings Canyon: Kings Canyon provides spectacular views of the beauty that encases the city. Designated hiking trails and dirt roads weave throughout the hills, leading to many pleasant surprises including Kings Canyon Waterfall. A trailhead located at the end of paved Kings Canyon Road leads to the waterfall, which is about half a mile round- trip hike.

John D. Winters Centennial Park Complex: This 59-acre recreational facility graces the east side of town and offers seemingly endless room for activities. Softball fields, tennis courts, playgrounds hiking trails, an archery range, and a golf course keep visitors satiated. Swing by to see how you can have fun here.

Ash Canyon: Ash Canyon is a popular destina- tion for mountain biking in Carson City. Trails take riders through trees and along mountain streams. There is even a trail that connects Ash Canyon to Kings Canyon, providing plenty of track for an all- day ride.

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