Matthew B. Brown
CHARLIE JOHNSTON: former Editor Matthew B. Brown takes in the view from atop Boundary Peak in January 2009.

Take a Bow, Mr. Brown

I know that everyone is used to seeing Matthew B. Brown’s musings in this space; however, it is with heavy hearts that we at Nevada Magazine have said goodbye to Matt, as he has taken a new position with the City of Reno. 

When I came to the magazine in 2008, Matt and I talked about the vision we both had for the future of the magazine and realized we were very much on the same page. At that time, the magazine had strayed from its roots and had become a lifestyle publication. The focus on the great history and traditions of our state had nearly been lost, and both of us felt it was high time to turn that around.

And turn that around we did. We added many stories about the history and people that had made Nevada what it is today. In addition, Matt and our previous Associate Editor, Charlie Johnston, traveled the state in search of unique Nevada treasures and brought back exceptional stories and photos to share with our readers.

In the past eight years, the magazine has had Matt’s imprint on every issue. From cover to cover, every story and every photo was meticulously edited and examined by him personally. I jokingly called him “Matticulous,” because he would go over every page no less than twenty times, never settling for anything less than excellence.

If readers’ comments are any indication, his tenacity certainly paid off. We have received hundreds upon hundreds of compliments and kind words about the quality of the magazine and been awarded the General Excellence Award from the Nevada Press Association four of the last five years.

As we start a new era in the magazine’s history, I know our new editor will bring their own voice to the pages of Nevada Magazine. Along with our wonderful Associate Editor, Eric Cachinero, the editorial team will continue to keep the magazine true to its roots and even more interesting than it is today. All of us at Nevada Magazine and the Department of Tourism and Cultural Affairs wish Matt all the best in his new position and future endeavors. Thank you, Matt, for your years of hard work and dedication.

To our readers, I would like to thank you for your loyalty throughout the years. Know that we will continue to publish a magazine that honors Nevada’s past as well as informs you of what’s happening now and in the future.


Speaking of the future, we are proud to introduce our Travels department—the newest addition to Nevada Magazine. In this department, we’re asking you—the explorers and adventurers of the State of Nevada—to document your travels in both writing and photography and share them with us. Each issue will feature a different trip or travels our readers have taken. Flip to page 22 to read our inaugural Travels article. Submit your Nevada Travels to [email protected]

Janet Geary, Publisher
[email protected]

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