January – February 2014

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Live, Laughlin, Love

Live, Laughlin, Love 10 things we learned about this Southern Nevada gem of a town during a recent visit. BY ERIC CACHINERO CLEAR? CRYSTAL Move over Lake Tahoe, Laughlin is giving you a run for your money. We were absolutely astonished by the clarity of the Colorado River—the impressive water source flowing alongside the Laughlin "strip," ... read more

Eldorado Canyon

ELDORADO CANYON Nevada’s Wild West roots are encapsulated in this living ghost town. BY ERIC CACHINERO At first glance, Eldorado Canyon visitors may not be aware they're standing on ground that at one time epitomized the Wild West. A region deluged in riches and plagued by lawlessness, greed, and murder, the history of this Southern Nevada ... read more

Icons of Nevada

ICONS OF NEVADA BIGHORN SHEEP Nevada Relevance: State Animal The desert (Nelson) bighorn sheep canadensis nelsoni) is found throughout the southern, central, and western part of the state and in mountain ranges as far north as Interstate 80. Tourist Tidbit: Boulder City's Hemenway Valley Park is popular for its herds of bighorn sheep, which rou ... read more

The Metropolis That Wasn't

THE METROPOLIS THAT WASN'T North of Wells lies one of Nevada's more intriguing ghost towns, with zero ties to the state's mining past. BY GREG MCFARLANE Many of Nevada's ghost towns boomed, prospered, and faded in the 1800s, when the state was largely undeveloped and had no major population centers. It's hard to believe that a city that existe ... read more

Nevada Part III: Twain, Trains, & The Pony Express

BY RON SOODALTER During the mid-to-late-1800s, Nevada passed in record time from unsettled wilderness, to the nation's premier gold and silver mecca, to its 36th state. In the process, it underwent a number of improvements designed to bring it up to par with its sister states and to ease its passage into the modern world. These changes occurred ... read more

Arc Dome Adventure

College confidants turn hiking trio to conquer prominent peak in central Nevada. BY DAVE ZOOK | JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2014 Josh Colvin and I pulled off the pavement onto a dark dirt road where Josh’s mid-90s Subaru bounced and twisted through the ru ... read more

Battle Born, Nevada Proud

Nevada Photographers Day II Captures our Love for the Silver State. BY MATTHEW B. BROWN When we hosted our inaugural Nevada Photographers Day in Virginia City on March 16, 2013, we knew we wanted to hold a truly statewide photography event at a later date. What better way to challenge our talented pool of photographers than by sending them ... read more

Black History In Nevada

We honor African-Americans, past and present, who have shaped our state. BY MATTHEW B. BROWN On Monday, January 20, we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day in Nevada and the rest of the country. King is the recognizable face and symbol of the mid-1900s civil-rights movement, even making a trip to Las Vegas in 1964 in support of his friend and l ... read more

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