January – February 2016

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The Last Roadhouse

Middlegate Station balances on the edge of history and extinction. BY LISETTE CHERESSON Driving along Highway 50, even seasoned road-trippers may find themselves a bit of panic. Once they’ve ridden the ghost train in Ely or visited the Eureka Opera House, there’s a kind of nothing that conjures visions of lone cowboys on horseback; the ... read more

Odyssey Of A Ghost Town Explorer: Part 1

Odyssey Of A Ghost Town Explorer PART  1: SKELETONS  OF HISTORY BY ERIC CACHINERO Ghost towns are skeletons of history. Though time has withered many away to the point of almost nothingness, even the most seemingly inconsequential heap of rocks and sticks tells a story: stories of hardship, stories of hope, stories that only the people who o ... read more

Dashing Through History

Lake Tahoe Famiy at the Reins of a Half-Century of Memories. BY TERI VANCE   With a natural affinity for the outdoors and animals, Sam Borges had always dreamed of a life working with horses. And when a sense of dissatisfaction with the routine of his job in San Jose, Calif., came upon him, Sam packed up his family and moved to Lake ... read more

Through The Lens: Midtown Mural Tour

Through The Lens: Midtown Mural Tour RENO ART MURALS INSPIRE AND INVIGORATE AREA AND ARTISTS BY MEGG MUELLER   When we’re young, many of us play with a jack-in-the-box; with just a little persistence, we are continually delighted by the surprise that pops up. Reno’s Midtown Mural Tour is a bit like that; the payoff is worth the ... read more

The Pink House

Serving up history with a slice of cheese. BY REBECCA BROWN Nestled in the small northern Nevada town of Genoa is an unmistakable landmark steeped in history—The Pink House. This beautifully restored building turned cheese-and- charcuterie shop invites further exploration. Expecting to find the typical counters and cases, I’m pleasan ... read more

The Loneliest Road In America Comes Of Age

The Loneliest Road In America Comes Of Age 30 YEARS AGO, A DUBIOUS DISTINCTION BEGAT A FORTUITOUS FACT. BY MARILYN NEWTON It was 30 years ago, in July 1986, that Life magazine used the term “The Loneliest Road in America” to describe the stretch of U.S. Route 50—more commonly known as Highway 50—from Fernley to Ely across central Nevad ... read more

Lost City Museum

Exhibit pays tribute to once-thriving towns. BY JANET GEARY Traveling to Mesquite—about 65 miles from Las Vegas on Interstate 15—takes you through a section of the beautiful Moapa Valley, but to really experience it, you need to take State Route 169 south and head to Overton. Overton was originally settled in 1869, and was the location ... read more

Carson City: A Capital Place to Live

One more day. It’s something many vacationers and travelers wish they had, but seldom take even when they do. It’s no secret that we’re all busy, and getting back home a day early can make getting ready for the week that much easier. But staying just one more day can mean the difference between a quick glimpse and a comprehensive experience. ... read more

Fish Lake Valley Hot Springs

Soak in Serene and Scenic Nevada Hot Springs. BY ERIC CACHINERO   Fish Lake Valley Hot Springs Photos by: Eric Cachinero Bathtubs are overrated. Bubbles, smelly soaps, and candles are nice for some people, but here in Nevada, we like our baths all-natural. We like feeling silt between our toes; gazing upon snow-kissed peaks as our bodies are ... read more

Murals Make Nevada Buildings Come Alive

Colorful paintings are popping up around the state, telling stories, and drawing attention. BY MEGG MUELLER As a town ages, its buildings take on the patina of the years; fading bricks and paint take the place of bold, new structures, and the impact on a neighborhood can be sad. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Murals can tell a story o ... read more

Tour Around Nevada: Carson City

A Capital place to live, according to all. BY MEGG MUELLER When I was a youngster living in Reno, I used to think of Carson City as that town in between me and my sister in Los Angeles; the pedestrian-friendly 25-mph speed limit through the heart of Carson’s downtown drove me crazy, as I was eager to keep moving. Today, I proudly work in the ... read more

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