January – February 2020

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Nevada Cowboys Ride Onto the Big Screen

New movie takes an authentic, in-depth look at the working-ranch lifestyle. BY JOLYN YOUNG A cowboy trots briskly across an expansive meadow, riding toward an unknown destination. He is a solitary figure in a black hat and brown chaps, accompanied only by his horse. The meadow they quickly cover provides feed for the ranch’s cattle and is fla ... read more

Nevada Twilight

Mankind’s natural curiosity for the mysterious and unexplained spans our entire history. Where is the lost city of Atlantis? Will we ever know the identity of Jack the Ripper? How were ancient sites like Stonehenge and the Great Pyramids constructed? Is Bigfoot real? What actually caused the dinosaurs to go extinct? Do aliens exist? Nevada holds its own collection of myths and mysteries, peculiar and unexplained. Some are morbid, some are silly, but all require the reader to take a small step—or leap, if you like—into a “Twilight Zone” mindset. Sit back, relax, and enjoy, because you’ve just crossed over. ... read more

Finding Feathers

Each seasoned bird hunter knows the feeling. The perfect conditions lead to the perfect day hunting. A warm sun complements solitude offered atop the mountain peaks, hunting dogs bound and leap with electrified energy searching for birds, and a light layer of snow on the ground reveals hundreds of tiny chukar footprints. Suddenly, the hunter hears the intoxicating and familiar chirping of dozens of chukar high on the mountain above him. Chuck chuck chuck chuck chuck chuck chuck chuck chuck chuck chuck chuck. ... read more

A Century of Suffrage

In 1910, the penalty for stealing (or kidnapping) a girl in Nevada was five years in prison or a fine of $2,000, while anyone convicted of stealing a horse could be imprisoned for 14 years. At the same time, if a U.S. woman married a foreigner, she lost her citizenship. Another law during the early 1900s, this one concerning community property between a husband and wife, allowed a man to sell or will community property without the consent of his wife. And finally, any wages a woman earned while living with her husband were not deemed her property unless her husband allowed her to use the wages, which were then considered a gift from him.  The rancor felt about the above-noted laws being created without any say from female constituents was growing, and the cry of “taxation without representation” was reborn. While that sentiment was enough to ignite the American Revolution, it sparked little fire with the male citizens of the young nation. It took until 1920 before half of the citizens of the U.S. were granted the right to vote. But the fight began long before.  ... read more

Alien Outback

On my frequent trips between northern and southern Nevada, I have a lot of time to look at the landscape. As I pass close to Area 51, I keep a keen eye out for alien or unusual phenomena.  ... read more

Haunted Nevada

Something Spectral Part 1: Carson City offers a host of spooky sites. BY MEGG MUELLER & ERIC CACHINERO With an arsenal of abandoned historical buildings and eerie locations, Nevada can occasionally be ... read more

Your Favorite Nevada View

Each issue we showcase what we love about Nevada. Well, now it’s your turn. We’re dedicating these pages to our readers this year, and we’re asking to share images of some of your Nevada favorites. Each issue we’ll pick a theme (see below), and let our readers lead the way! We asked to see your favorite view for this issue, and you responded! From shots out the backdoor to those that required long hikes and everything in between, we received photos that demonstrate just how much beauty Nevada has to offer. ... read more


“A lot of times when you go to a restaurant and you’re a vegan, you are kind of treated as an afterthought,” says Donald Lemperle. “But that’s changing in Las Vegas.”  He would know. A vegan for 16 years, Donald is chef of VegeNation, a plant-based restaurant with locations in Downtown Las Vegas and Henderson. VegeNation serves flavorful fare that just happens to be meatless—not the other way around. Diners will find sun-dappled spaces that feel industrial and verdant at the same time. The eclectic menu, which contains everything from sushi to tacos to spaghetti, reads like an exceptionally comprehensive answer to the question “What should we have for dinner tonight?”  ... read more

Yesterday: Driving Into History

In 1909 pioneer motorist Alice Ramsey took an automobile, and women drivers, a long way. BY PHILLIP I. EARL This story first appeared in the April 1992 issue of Nevada Magazine.    Three quarters of ... read more

Veterans Home in Reno Showcases Incredible Nevada Images

In August 2018, I was contacted by Connie Johnson and Sandi TenBoer from the new Northern Nevada State Veterans Home in Sparks that was scheduled to open in mid-2019, asking if we could sell them some photos for the facility. They had a limited budget and tried purchasing Nevada photos from a stock photo company, but were disappointed in the choices. ... read more

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