July – August 2014

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Whirlwind Roadtrip

Alien jerky, pioneer graffiti, and a hiking kitty cap an adventurous itinerary. STORY & PHOTOS BY SYDNEY MARTINEZ   Having lived in Nevada for more than 17 years, I shamefully admit I'd never made it to the elusive, yet alluring sou ... read more

Nevada Part VI: Gambling, Gold and Government Projects

After struggling to maintain momentum through the Great Depression, Nevadans are aided by the sinful schemes that supported the infamy of the Silver State. BY RON SOODALTER When the Great Depression struck an unprepared nation in 1929, Nevada took its share of blows. As Governor Fred Balzar was assuring constituents that Nevada's economy was he ... read more

A Family Affair

A Family Affair STORY & PHOTOS BY JAMIE J. CLARK It’s hard to know what might bring a group of people together; ... read more

The Morris Hotel

Welcome Home The Morris Hotel Opens its Doors to the “Renossance.” STORY & PHOTOS BY PATSY K. EAGAN | JULY/AUGUST 2014 A silent auction is underway on Reno’s Fourth Street. Off the well-worn Highway 40 and under LED lights, several items are open for bid, including Burning Man commemorative posters, massages, and a coupon for a l ... read more

Reno Historical

Smartphone App Chronicles Stories of Continuity and Transformation in the Biggest Little City. BY JERI CHADWELL | July/August 2014 Reno has been a lot of things over the years. It’s been a stop on the transcontinental railroad and a divorce capital. It’s been a gambling mecca. But the gambling scene has been on the decline for severa ... read more

The Tale of Two “P”s

The Tale of Two “P”s Early settlements embody contrary aspects of the Silver State’s past. BY RACHEL WILLIFORD | July/August 2014 “Go West, young man” was the cry of the day in 1865 after a tumultuous period of civil war and assa ... read more

Dame Nevada

Written in honor of Nevada’s Sesquicentennial 1864 – 2014 By Waddie Mitchell Honorary Poet for Nevada’s Sesquicentennial There’s a basin, wrought of reason, tortoise dry and clean of air Where rivers hike to meet their fate, get lost and disappear Where Grand Adventure had a say and different would prevail And where only hardy life ... read more

The Saga of the USS Nevada

July 11, 2014 marks the 100th anniversary of the launching of United States Battleship Number 36 named for the great state of Nevada. Throughout Battleship Nevada's long career—from her inception in 1909 to her sinking in 1948—she repeatedly distinguished herself. ... read more

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