March – April 2017


On page 32 you’ll find a story about the Nevada Preservation Foundation’s work to protect some of Las Vegas' iconic neighborhoods. Our Ancient Nevada series continues, and Associate Editor Eric Cachinero examines Nevada’s earliest residents. Read about them on page 56. We visit Berlin-Ichthyosaur State Park this issue, and as the only state park in Nye County, its massive (literally) offerings prove it’s more than enough. Check it out on page 38.

We covered ghost towns last year, but this issue we’re taking a look at a different type of specter; ghost railroads in Central Nevada. Once crisscrossed with numerous rails, the landscape still bears the remains of many of these structures, just waiting to be discovered: see page 62.

Issue Cover March – April 2017

What’s Inside

Nevada Photographers: March/April 2017

Nevada Photo Tour Guides Learn to shoot the Silver State through the eyes of professional photographers. NEVADA PHOTO TOURS: SERIES COMPILED BY KIPPY S. SPILKER The bacon wave at Valley of Fire State Park. A sunset at Lake Tahoe’s Bonsai rock. The International Car Forest of the Last Church in Goldfield. Iconic images are everywhere in Nevad ... read more

Historic Las Vegas

Las Vegas History Finds Its Way Home Preserving mid-century neighborhoods strengthens community at large. STORY BY CHRIS LEWIS PHOTOS BY MARK DUNTON “What history?” That’s the common reply when history and Las Vegas are used in the same sentence. It’s a city that places a value on newness; a town that doesn’t hesitate to leve ... read more

Nevada State Parks, Part 2

As the second entry in our year-long series, Berlin-Ichthyosaur State Park takes center stage, and not just because it’s the only state park in Nye County, but for the immensely important role it plays in Nevada history ... read more

4th Street Bistro

4th Street Bistro Without trend or hype, Reno eatery remains a bold choice. STORY BY ENGRID BARNETT PHOTOS BY KIPPY S. SPILKER As a mainstay of Reno’s culinary culture for close to two decades, 4th Street Bistro continues to flourish. An impressive feat in an industry known for ridiculously high failure rates—around 80 percent within the f ... read more

Ancient Nevada, Part 2: Civilizations

Second of six-part series explores clues left behind by the earliest Nevadans. BY ERIC CACHINERO Thousands of years before the Great Pyramid of Giza, Machu Picchu, and Stonehenge were built, ancient ... read more

Ghost Railroads

EXPLORING THE GHOST  RAILROADS OF CENTRAL NEVADA HISTORIC SITES LAY TRACKS TO THE PAST. BY JIM PRICE “Choo, Choo!” I know it seems child-like, but every time my wife and I are driving along what we know is an abandoned railroad grade I just can’t help myself. We ride through cuts and overfills that were built more than 100 years ago fo ... read more

Splitting Atoms: Nevada’s Atomic History

Atomic testing is remembered as a sensational and sometimes sinister era of the state’s history. BY ERIC CACHINERO On the morning of May 5, 1955, a family nested in their contemporary dream home. A tall redbrick chimney and lovely shutters complemented the whitewashed exterior, which gave an exquisite view of the surrounding desert mountains. ... read more

Following Her Gypsy Soul

BY CHRIS PLATT Washoe Valley artist Jill Mueller is one of the fortunate ones. She figured out how to take a fun hobby and turn it into a lifelong career that she loves. Known to the art world as Lady Jill, this impressionistic watercolorist is celebrating her 40th anniversary as a professional artist. She specializes in painting the Sierra Nev ... read more

A Blast at News Nob

(This story originally ran in our March/April 1996 issue) Covering an atomic test for Nevada Magazine was an assignment like no other. BY ADRIAN ATWATER Adrian Atwater in 1953. “Time Delay: Using darkroom sleight of hand, the author placed himself and his Speed Graphic in a pho ... read more

‘Tilting the Basin’ Exhibition Brings Nevada Artists Together

More than 30 artists demonstrate the breadth of the Silver State’s art scene in Las Vegas exhibition. BY MEGG MUELLER Thanks to the magic of seven colorful mountains, a partnership between northern and southern Nevada’s art communities has developed, resulting in another collaboration. This time, Reno’s Nevada Museum of Art (NMA) and ... read more

Larry Friedman

Larry Friedman spent more than 26 years at the Nevada Commission on Tourism, now TravelNevada. During his tenure, he developed the annual Rural Roundup conference; helped educate the industry through the Nevada Tourism University; assisted with the creation of Nevada’s National Scenic Byways; and expanded the rural grants program, resulting in sp ... read more

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