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Wet ‘n' Wild Las Vegas

Las Vegas is traditionally known as an adult destination. But when Las Vegan Ted Stringer heard about the new waterpark, Wet ‘n' Wild, opening in late May in southwest Las Vegas, he knew it would fit right in. Stringer received the most votes for his contribution of "Red Rock Bay" in Wet ‘n' Wild Las Vegas' Wave Pool Naming Contest. ... read more

Falconry Family

As the early morning sun paints its colors across the Carson Range, the piercing scream of a hawk slices through the serenity. We slide stealthily past rabbitbrush and sage toward the sound of mallard ducks over the next bank. Our hearts race in anticipation of the moment the hawk will make its majestic flight. ... read more

A Taste of Tuscany

"This is the best part of the whole meal," swoons Julie Mottes between spoonfuls of honey and brittle semifreddo atop Guanaia chocolate fondue. "You should write your story starting with dessert and work backwards." Considering the out-of-this-world-delicious meal we've been enjoying this particular February evening, Mottes' assertion is a bold one, but our dinner companions—Mottes' friend Shari Weinberger and Editor Matthew B. Brown—and I agree: This ranks among the best desserts we've ever tasted. ... read more

Tonopah: Then & Now

Tonopah photographer Jim Galli has earned quite the reputation for connecting the past to the present via his black-and white images. But these aren't digital pictures converted with modern computer software—these are the real deal, taken with a circa 1910 Kodak Cirkut panoramic camera. ... read more

Gravel in Our Travel

Gravel in Our Travel Dirt roads abound in Nevada's vast wide-open expanses. BY CHARLIE JOHNSTON As Nevada Magazine's adventuring duo for more than five years, Editor Matthew B. Brown and I have covered more miles crisscrossing the Silver State in search of stories and photographs than either of us can rightly recal ... read more

HawkWatch International

Few places on earth offer the kinds of perspectives afforded from the thousands of ridge tops that punctuate Nevada's more than 300 mountain ranges. From these lofty earthen turrets one can marvel at the endless expanses of the Great Basin and ponder their place in all of it. ... read more

Two Wheels and the Open Road

The joy of road biking comes from finding a relatively lightly traveled, but well-maintained strip of asphalt that keeps you spinning through an array of beautiful scenery. In Nevada, the best rides are found where the mountains meet the desert or gentle rangelands abut snow-capped peaks. ... read more

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