September – October 2013

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What’s Inside

Something Grand in the Making

A reborn Lady Luck Hotel & Casino is one of many projects changing the face of downtown Las Vegas. BY JOANNA HAUGEN If you haven't visited downtown Las Vegas lately, it may be time to take a trip. A variety of interesting museums have either opened or received facelifts over the past year. New bike lanes and a movement toward more pedestria ... read more

Glorified Ghost Towns

Glorified Ghost Towns A group of off-roaders find treasures in some of southwestern Nevada's most inconspicuous places. BY ERIC CACHINERO Ghost towns. They practically hide in plain sight in our ... read more

1864 Tavern

1864 Tavern The Nevada pride flows—literally and figuratively—inside new California Avenue saloon in Reno. BY MATTHEW B. BROWN As Nevada preps for its sesquicentennial celebration of 2014, 1864 Tavern in Reno couldn't have come at a more appropriate ... read more

Hammar Time

Former lieutenant governor displays his eclectic collection of Nevada memorabilia. BY ERIC CACHINERO Surrounded by a life-size Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton, the original vault from the Genoa Courthouse (removed a ... read more

Nevada Part I: The Unknown Territory

BY RON SOODALTER The establishment of Nevada as a territory, and eventually a state, is a long and dramatic story. It features every type of western character imaginable: Indians, Spanish friars, mountain men, explorers, surveyors, Santa Fe traders, prospectors, cowboys, railroaders, Mormons, desperadoes, and ladies of the demimonde. For s ... read more

Stewart Indian School Excavated

University archeologist leads excavation at historic landmark in Carson City Archaeology team collaborates with local Native Americans on excavation and preservation of Stewart Indian School listed on the National Register of Historic Places University of Nevada, Reno In August, the University of Nevada, Reno’s Department of Anthropology ... read more

A Scorching Anniversary

Death Valley National Park celebrates 100th anniversary of hottest temperature ever recorded. The Furnace Creek Visitor Center Auditorium was filled with weather enthusiasts from across the nation to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the hottest day ever recorded on July 10, 1913. The 134 degree day was penned by Oscar Denton, who took the read ... read more

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