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Nevada's Basque History

Looking from the outside in, sheepherding and Basques in Nevada go hand-in-hand. But for the Basque immigrant life wasn’t that simple. First, he had to overcome a language barrier, as well as homesickness. He then had to learn a completely foreign skill—herding sheep—under strenuous circumstances. ... read more

'Odyssey of a Ghost Town Explorer' Book Onsale

Nevada Magazine is proud to release the “Odyssey of a Ghost Town Explorer” coffee table book. The 224-page book details more than 12,000 miles of travel entirely within the state of Nevada searching for ghost towns. ... read more

Freedom Fishing

Picture fly fishing a pristine mountain stream; a poetic scene. The sun is smiling down warmly, the birds are calmly singing, and soothing sounds of nature fill the angler with peace. Each cast is artistic, and nearly every flick of the line leads to a plump trout on the other end. Everything is perfect, and the angler smiles as they have not a care in the world. That is not what fly fishing is like at all. ... read more

Need to Get Away?

Nevada’s parks ebb and flow with the seasons and the water they receive, and it means they grow and change so one visit is never enough. There is no better reason to explore than just because the parks offer a chance to get outside, get away from it all, and discover your wildest dreams. ... read more

Historically First

The importance of women to Nevada’s history is well documented and irrefutable. From Sarah Winnemucca to Helen Stewart, Hanna Clapp to Felice Cohn, the sisters of the Silver State left their own indelible stamp on the face of Nevada. While many women have made their mark, a select few were the first to do so in their respective fields. These women—and to be sure, there are many others—helped pave the way for more women to enter the workforce and seek positions that had been previously dominated by men. These leading ladies took the chance to go where no woman had gone before, and for that, they are our favorite firsts. ... read more

Your Favorite Nevada Special Event

Each issue we showcase what we love about Nevada. Well, now it’s your turn. We’re dedicating these pages to our readers this year, and we’re asking you to share images of your Nevada favorites. Each issue we’ll pick a theme (see below) and let our readers lead the way! We asked to see your favorite event and you responded proudly! Nevada has a spectacular offering of interesting and quirky events that compose the character of this state. ... read more

Nevada Twilight

In 1956, the American CinemaScope epic film “The Conqueror” hit the big screen. The movie was produced by business magnate and film tycoon Howard Hughes, and starred John Wayne as the Mongol leader Genghis Khan. The movie details Genghis Khan’s love for Bortai—the daughter of a rival tribe—whom he steals away, causing a war. Once the movie hit theaters, it was clear it was cursed. ... read more

Ansel in Incline

In the year 1938, Lake Tahoe was a very different place than what we see today. The forests were recovering from being clear cut in the late 1800s; the highway was a narrow, winding road; and few people lived year-round in Incline Village. The first tunnel had been blasted through Cave Rock, improving access, but still a trip around Lake Tahoe was not a trivial excursion. This didn’t stop a young photographer named Ansel Adams from making the trip. ... read more

Frozen Treats to Beat the Desert Heat

No two ways about it: summer in Las Vegas is brutal. Every Nevadan has little tips and tricks for staying cool during the hot summer months, but one of the tastiest ways to beat the heat is definitely with a frozen treat. In recent years, many southern Nevadans have begun to embrace different diets from organic to dairy-free, and the traditional ice cream parlor has needed to adapt with the times. ... read more

Best of Nevada

Our 23rd annual readers’ survey results are here! This survey has changed as the years have gone by, but one thing stays the same: people are passionate about their choices. This year’s results look a little different than past years, yet there are many constants. Our readers have grown and changed, so the Best of 2020 reflects those differences, but fear not as many old favorites are still well represented. ... read more

Haunted Nevada

The phrase “if these walls could talk” is bandied about to convey that a room or structure had likely housed many conversations and situations that had been forgotten in the shadows of time. Nowhere could this be truer than the Nevada State Prison in Carson City. The stories that remain from the venerable institution are enough to fill 10 libraries, and consider this: those are just the ones we know about. ... read more

Editor’s Note

The purpose of an editor’s note can vary from publication to publication, but I’ve always thought of it as a way to get a little personal and share some insight about what’s going on in my head as we create the coming issue. ... read more

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