Summer 2023

Across the country, winter was a tough one and Nevada was no exception. While our ski resorts were overjoyed, after a few months it was time for some warmth. And it’s here, so there’s no better time to get outside and soak up that sun! To that end, get ready to discover a road trip just built for families along the Great Basin Highway. Or maybe you want to take a deep dive into the world of arts and culture, and in that case, Reno’s annual Artown event is just the ticket. What would summer be without water sports? Well, it would be awful, and we’d never do that to you, so we’re sharing some of our best backcountry lakes for our aquatically inclined friends. What else means summer? Oh right, eating outdoors! This issue, we’re checking out those movable feasts: food trucks. These events are the perfect warm weather experience, combining friends, food, and fun. We’ve also made a list just for our friends who travel this great state as much as we do, but who might forget to hit the pause button once in a while. There are myriad reasons to pull the car over in Nevada, and we’ve chosen 10 great ones to share with you.
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What’s Inside

2024 Great Nevada Picture Hunt Rules

The Great Nevada Picture Hunt is now underway! Please read the NEW RULES before you submit, and good luck! Submit your images at the bottom of this page. DO NOT EMAIL THEM AS IN YEARS PAST - THOSE SUBMISSIONS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. The deadline to enter is Friday, June 30, 5 p.m. Pacific time. ... read more

Backcountry Lakes

Nevada’s major lakes are household names. But while Lake Tahoe, Lake Mead, and Pyramid Lake are popular, they only skim the surface of water recreation in the Silver State. The following backcountry destinations might mean arrival by a rough road or hike, but time it right and you could have a pristine aquatic playground practically to yourself.  ... read more

Rural Wranglers: Boulder City

In late 1928, President Coolidge signed the Boulder Canyon Project Act. Its intent was simple: the US would build the world’s then-largest dam and tame the Colorado River. The best locations for the dam were along the Nevada-Arizona border. Initially, the idea was to place it in Boulder Canyon—hence the name of the act—but surveyors later identified nearby Black Canyon as a superior site. Although the project was officially renamed Hoover Dam in 1931, people continued to call it Boulder Dam for at least another decade.  ... read more

Uncommon Overnighters: The Clown Motel

The Clown Motel in Tonopah boasts what’s got to be the largest collection of clown figurines and memorabilia under the sun. Some 3,200 clowns call the motel’s lobby home, with more pouring in weekly as donations from around the world. It’s a sight to behold and one that you won’t find anywhere else.  ... read more

Top 10 Places You Haven't Stopped At (Yet)

You’ve seen the road signs. You’ve always talked about stopping. But each time you’re in the area, you blow right past so you can just get home. Here are the top 10 overlooked places that are right off the highway and deserve your attention. Trust us, these attractions are time well spent, so ease up on that pedal and pull over. You can thank us later.  ... read more

Great Basin Highway

This trip up Nevada’s eastern edge begins with sandstone canyons and ends at ancient bristlecone pines beneath some of the nation’s darkest skies. Along the way, explore the surreal landscapes of several state parks, visit charming communities, and hit some of the state’s best hiking and biking trails.  ... read more

Make it a Wild(life) Summer

While everyone vacations differently, it’s a safe bet that whether you’re a history buff or an adventure seeker, one truth is universal: you want to experience something authentic and particular to your destination. While there are plenty of roadside attractions in Nevada that fit that bill, we had something a little wilder in mind.  ... read more


For 28 years, Reno has transformed into Artown for the month of July. The nationally recognized event brings hundreds of performances in dance, music, and theater, not to mention art shows. Last year, Artown held more than 600 performances across 125 venues. International performers and headliners joined regional and local artists to entertain more than 300,000 attendees. ... read more

Sage Country

If you’ve been in or near the Great Basin, you know sagebrush. It’s practically everywhere, from marshlands and mountainsides to cities and salt flats. It never appears by ones or twos, either. When it’s there, it’s usually stretching across the horizon like an ocean.  ... read more

A Moveable Feast

Food tourism has grown steadily in the last decade, and now entire vacations are planned around culinary pleasures. Sampling local foods and beverages is a great way to truly dive into a new destination, and while once that meant trying new restaurants, today it includes farmers markets; foodie tours; brewery, winery, and distillery events; and exploring the food truck scene.  ... read more

Water in the Desert

In 1971, Lahontan Reservoir was designated a state recreation area: The water that made Fallon’s famous farmland now doubled as an outdoor playground. Today, its 69 miles of shoreline attract visitors year-round. ... read more

Historic Walking Tours

Self-guided walking tours are a free and fun way to explore a community at your own pace—and a good excuse to get your steps in. It’s as easy as picking up your map and brochure at the locations listed below, so get walking! ... read more

Legendary Nevadans: Helen Stewart

On a quiet day in March 1926, businesses in Las Vegas shuttered their doors. Local schools closed and the federal post office was deserted. Most of the city’s residents were attending the funeral of Helen Jane Wiser Stewart. The homage paid to Stewart by the city she helped create would have surprised the unassuming woman. But the legacy of her strength, character, intelligence, and spirit was evident to all who knew her.  ... read more

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