Summer 2024

Welcome to Summer! We have stories on a new Uncommon Overnighter in historic Austin and a feature on one of our favorite Wild West towns, Virginia City. The National Automobile Museum in Reno gets a spotlight this issue, and you may be surprised how much there is to experience beyond the cool cars. We have two great history stories for you, too. One is on the ghost town of Mazuma which was wiped out by a desert flood, and the other is how Basques in southern Nevada created a community over the game of jai lai. If you are also itching to get outdoors, read our stories on stargazing at Great Basin National Park, the opportunities in must-see Rainbow Canyon, and what awaits at Echo Canyon State Park. For you two-wheel fans, check out our adventure on a new mountain bike tour from Caliente to Ely. Whatever adventure you choose, get a little out there!
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What’s Inside

Fast Friends

Northern Nevada has been home to a thriving Basque immigrant community for more than a century. In communities like Elko, Winnemucca, and Reno, locals and visitors frequently gather at former boarding houses and 100-year-old restaurants for a family-style meal and a potent Picon Punch cocktail. However, not all of Nevada’s Basque diaspora communities have such a long-lived tradition.  ... read more

Set Your Sights on Dazzling Views

Road trips call to those who seek a little adventure in their travels, and the Rubies Route is a jewel that sparkles particularly bright in the summer sun. With Elko as your hub, you’ll have the choice of three main spokes that lead to scenic slices of recreation-packed paradise.  ... read more

Uncommon Overnighter: Magnolia Gallery & Inn

The "Loneliest Road in America" is anything but, and smack dab in the middle of this famed road trip across Nevada lies the welcoming community of Austin. The town sprang to life during a silver mining rush in the 1860s, and the Austin of today features stately 19th-century buildings, intriguing historic sites, and access to remarkable outdoor recreation. Take advantage of everything the area has to offer and let the charming Magnolia Gallery & Inn serve as your adventure basecamp. ... read more

Will Work for Delicious Food

We’re not trying to brag, but as a group, the staff of Travel Nevada really gets around the Silver State. We log countless miles each year traversing the state in search of all the best Nevada has to offer so we can share it with you. During our travels, we’ve had our fair share of meals and decided to spill the tea on some of our favorite places. What follows is by no means all our favorites or meant to be a comprehensive list of Nevada’s great dining options. Without further ado, we present the places Travel Nevada and Nevada Magazine & Visitor Guide staff love to eat!  ... read more

Ready to Ride?

Nevada is home to more than 300 named mountain ranges, more than any of the other contiguous U.S. states. It stands to reason that mountain biking is a hugely popular sport in the Silver State. While the trails around Lake Tahoe are well-known in the two-wheel community, the last decade has seen an explosion of trails in less-obvious parts of the state. Exploring new trails can be both exciting and daunting but have no fear: Bindlestiff Tours is here.  ... read more

Echo Canyon State Park

From sunbathers to weekend warriors, Echo Canyon's 70-acre reservoir offers something for everyone. Boaters may use the ramp (when water levels are high) but are also welcome to launch from the shore. Anglers will encounter a good population of rainbow trout stocked by the Nevada Division of Wildlife (always keep your Nevada fishing license handy whether fishing in the water or on shore). ... read more

A Wild Ride

Casino magnate Bill Harrah had a bit of an obsession. The man who launched the Harrah’s gaming empire in 1937 also had a penchant for collecting cars, which led to him eventually owning around 1,400 vehicles. During his lifetime, his collection—often referred to as the most significant assemblage of vintage and one-of-a-kind cars ever—was housed in Sparks and open to the public. ... read more

Star Park

Nevadaʼs national park has many natural wonders. Its pristine caverns, bristlecone stands, and snow-capped peaks attract tens of thousands of visitors each year despite the parkʼs remote setting. Over the past decade, however, this quiet corner of the state has become famous for another—and increasingly rare—natural resource: its near-perfect night sky. ... read more

Southern Nevada’s Scenic Drives

As the seventh largest state, Nevada offers plenty of backroads and byways to choose. Not only that, it's also one of the most geologically diverse states. Where else could you drive through mountains filled with forests of evergreens, valleys covered in a sea of sagebrush, and a strip of neon castles seen from space? Get behind the wheel and discover why Nevada is known as a land of contrasts. ... read more

The Disaster at Mazuma

At around 5 p.m., storm clouds formed over the Seven Troughs Range, 30 miles northwest of Lovelock. Light rain sprinkled over the foothills as a confused breeze whipped up dust eddies. In the little mining towns spread along the range—Seven Troughs, Vernon, and Mazuma—people headed home for dinner, thankful for a respite from the July heat. ... read more

Rainbow Canyon

As a 30-something-year Nevada resident and a writer for Nevada Magazine & Visitor Guide, I've spent a lot of time on the road. I can safely say I have been on every major state route and highway, not to mention countless graded backroads and washed-out two-tracks. Over the years, a few routes have become favorites, and I always look forward to taking or recommending them. ... read more

The Final Word: Kutoven "Ku" Stevens

A conversation with Kutoven “Ku” Stevens, student athlete and host of the 50-mile Remembrance Run from the Stewart Indian School Cultural Center & Museum in Carson City to the Yerington Paiute Reservation.  ... read more

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