Winter 2022-2023

Welcome to winter in Nevada, where snow-packed ski slopes await in the north (and one 45 minutes from Las Vegas) and in the south, perfectly mild temps beckon. Whatever your winter vacation plans entail, it all happens here. For this issue, we’ve taken a trip to Sutro Tunnel, a 19th century engineering marvel now open to visitors. If you’re into fishing our countless lakes or rivers, you’ll find advice for anglers of all styles. If you’re looking for a great road trip, we’ve moseyed through Cowboy Corridor along I-80 and chosen eight great reasons to slow down and sit a spell. If you’re not familiar with Nevada Magazine, you’re in for a treat: our 45th Great Nevada Picture Hunt results are in. This annual photography contest showcases so many beautiful photos, you'll be ready to grab your camera for next year’s contest. And just in time for holiday giving, check out our gift guide for all your souvenirs and presents.
Issue Cover Winter 2022-2023

What’s Inside

Time to Get Reel

For the driest state in the U.S., Nevada’s fishing opportunities are surprisingly numerous. Lakes, creeks, rivers, streams, ponds, and reservoirs are teeming with dozens of finned wildlife species. No matter the season or style, we’ve got what you need to hook a great time.  ... read more

Gift Guide 2023

Everyone loves giving presents, but some souvenirs are just too good to give away. These gifts and goodies are perfect for friends and family, but it’s OK to be a little stingy and grab your own cache of Nevada-made memories. Nevada Magazine & Visitor Guide staff have made a few recommendations to get the ball rolling, so happy shopping! ... read more

Hamburger Heaven

America’s favorite food was born in the mid-1800s when vendors started serving “steak in the Hamburg style,” which meant lower-quality beef that was ground, spiced, cooked, and served between bread. First popular with immigrants and sailors, hamburgers soon swept the nation as a meal for the common folk that was cheap, tasty, and portable. Today, hamburgers are ubiquitous: a culinary staple nearly guaranteed on every restaurant menu in the country (and many abroad). Despite this proliferation, burger tourism is a rewarding venture because every region offers a unique spin on the classic. Such is the experience across Nevada, and while every community has at least one great burger option, we HIGHLY recommend these. ... read more

The Haunting of Lincoln Hall

Lincoln Hall is steeped in mystery, history, and tales of the unexplained. While most souls who entered this 125-year-old dormitory eventually moved on with their lives, not all did. Discover the stories of the past, and learn how you can visit one of the state's most famous university buildings. ... read more

Yesterday: The Case of the Sky High Prospector

After looking for regular employment without much success, Al decided to strike out on his own as a self-employed prospector. Ed and Louise Vigus at the hardware store agreed to stake him with a pick and shovel, and for the most part he subsisted on a diet of spaghetti and beans while peddling his nuggets and rocks passersby from a humble roadside shop. ... read more

The Showgirl: A Las Vegas Story

For decades, the stage spectaculars ruled Las Vegas’ entertainment scene.  The showgirl became much more than a topless talent: She was proudly promoted as the symbol of her city.  ... read more

2022 Great Nevada Picture Hunt Results

Get ready to discover the work of talented photographers who have captured the soul of this state. This year was one of the toughest for Nevada Magazine & Visitor Guide to select a winner and runner-up of eight categories: the submissions were phenomenal.  ... read more

Nevada’s Retro Theaters

Walking into an old movie theater is enough to give anyone waves of nostalgia. The smell of the lobby, the buzz of the crowd, the colorful concessions: this is what makes a night out at the movies worth it. Nowhere is this truer than in these historic movie theaters found throughout the state.  ... read more

Roam Means Nevada

One of the greatest appeals of the American West has always been that sense of unbridled freedom and room to roam. In the crowded world we live in today, it might be hard to picture that solitude and deep connection with nature, but for the modern-day pioneer, it is still within reach in a place called Nevada. ... read more

A Portal Through Time

Some structures are immediately identifiable: The Eiffel Tower, Westminster Abby, and the Space Needle among them. For Nevada ghost town enthusiasts and historians, it’s the façade to the Sutro Tunnel. The tunnel and adjacent ghost town were closed to visitors for decades, yet the portal remained as a reminder of Comstock Lode and Nevada history. In 2021, Friends of Sutro Tunnel acquired the 150-year-old property, and today, visitors are invited to wander back in time to explore this historic site.  ... read more

Rural Wranglers: Laughlin

You can’t get much further south in Nevada than Laughlin, and it’s worth every minute it takes to get there. Below, find eight of our favorite things to do in Laughlin. ... read more

Sarah Winnemucca

Sarah Winnemucca was born around 1844, near what is today Lovelock. Her name at birth was Thocmetony, and she was a daughter of the leading family of the Kuyuidika-a—a band of the Paiute people.   Within a year of her birth, Winnemucca’s grandfather encountered John C. Frémont—one of the area’s first white explorers—at what is now Pyramid Lake. ... read more

Set a Course for Adventure

Whether you’ve got the whole fam in tow or have your sights set on a romantic getaway for two, embark on a boating tour along some of the country’s most famous waterways. ... read more

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