The Nevada Historical Society in Reno has a new mission: to work on promoting and raise funds to conserve, maintain and add to our growing collection of historic &


contemporary Nevada art.  To that end, the society is collaborating with Picasso and Wine on a fundraiser that allows people to paint their own picture of Reno history.

On Saturday, March 19 at 2:30 p.m., guests can create a moment of Reno’s historic Virginia Street bridge, which was built in 1905, by painting a special piece of artwork designed specifically for the Society. As the city gets ready to celebrate the opening of the newly built bridge this Spring, event participants can honor the historic bridge by painting their own version from a photograph from the Society’s collection.

The cost to attend this fundraiser is $50, and all proceeds will go to the Nevada Historical Society for use in conservation efforts in the art collection.  Tickets can be purchased at Picasso and Wine’s Midtown location— 148 N. Vassar St., Reno—or via their website.

Only 35 seats are available, first-come, first-served, and will sell out fast.  Join the Nevada Historical Society on this very special day, to paint a very special place in local history, to support local business, and to be part of a fundraiser to help conserve the oldest art collection in the state at the Nevada Historical Society.

Nevada Historical Society
1650 N Virginia St., Reno