Why is the magazine changing?

Nevada Magazine is part of the State of Nevada’s Division of Tourism and Travel Nevada, and we have been realizing that a lot of our content doubles up with the content Travel Nevada is publishing. We have decided to combine our efforts to merge our Nevada Magazine product with the annual Travel Nevada Visitors Guide, and now there will be a quarterly product called Nevada Magazine & Visitor Guide. At this point it is planned as a 128-page magazine, and the design will be a blend of both products.

When will this be happening?

The first issue of the new product will be out in February of 2022. Issues will be: Feb-Apr, May-Jul, Aug-Oct, and Nov-Jan(‘23). 

What does that mean for photographers?

Different opportunities, mostly. These first couple issues, we’ll just be kind of feeling things out and discovering what works and what doesn’t. For the immediate future, it will likely mean that we use fewer freelance photos, because we won’t have so many long stories. We will still be sending out photo alerts, and publishing chosen submitted images. There will be a greater focus on “what would a tourist want to see/know about a subject?” We will be looking for fewer “beauty” shots, and seeking more images of people enjoying Nevada. The Photographer’s Guidelines have been revamped: please review them closely.

I don’t photograph people. Will I ever be published again?

There’s still a chance! We are changing focus, but that doesn’t mean we’re not going to need beauty shots of places around Nevada. Please sign up for our email photo alert that will announce exactly what we need for each issue.

Do I need model releases for photos of people?

In general, no. For Editorial purposes, we do not need model releases. However, this brings me to another exciting opportunity. I’m going to say it right at the beginning: this will not be for everyone. We will be offering two different pricing structures going forward. The first will be the prices and uses you are used to – being published in the magazine will pay a per-printed-size rate. The second will be a new licensing option. If your photo is chosen for this new opportunity we will contact you to ask if you would license this photo to us for a higher fee, and if there are recognizable people in the photo, that will require our model release. This is not an exclusivity contract – it is basically you selling your photo to us to use commercially. So that means it may show up in a Travel Nevada video, or on social media, or in an ad, brochure, or other promotional piece designed to bring people to Nevada. It’s you saying, “Yes, you can pay me X amount and then use my photo to advertise Nevada.” That’s a very basic breakdown. I’ve included links to our model release (our release must be used for any photo we purchase) and to the license agreement on our Photographer’s Guidelines page, so you can see what is included. I encourage you to review both very closely, if you are interested in possibly licensing photos to Nevada Magazine and the Division of Tourism.

What’s the new pricing?

We will offer $800 per licensed photo. No one will use your photo in a licensed manner without your signed paperwork. We may be hiring photographers for specific photo shoots in the future.

How will I know if you want to license my photos, or they’re just going into the magazine?

When we contact you for high res copies of the low res images you’ve sent us for consideration, we will include a licensing form, and ask you if you are interested in selling us the image for commercial use. If you are, you just sign it and send us back the highest resolution version you have. You will receive payment within about 4-6 weeks of the magazine’s publication date. If we only ask you for a high res copy, with no accompanying form, we are planning to use your photo only in the magazine, and you will be paid our standard magazine rates.

I have a subscription – what will happen to that?

Subscribers will continue to receive the magazine for a set amount of time and will be able to participate in a subscription survey to determine what happens with the remainder of their issues on account. A full announcement can be found in our Fall 2021 issue, which is set to release Oct. 1, 2021.

The big thing to remember is this is new for all of us – our entire staff has been working hard to plan for this big shift and new, exciting product, for the past few months. But that doesn’t mean everything is going to be 100% perfect right out of the gate. There will be an adjustment period, and I promise to keep you posted with as much information as I can, as we go along. Updated Photographer’s Guidelines can be found at: https://nevadamagazine.com/about/photographers-guidelines/

Please email me at kspilker@nevadamagazine.com with any remaining questions you might have.