Kevin Spacey and Jameson Irish Whiskey…what do these pop culture phenoms have in common with Nevada? Together, they chose Reno’s Travis Calvert as one of the winners of its 2015 Jameson First Shot film contest. Just three aspiring filmmakers from around the world were chosen, and Travis is the only one from the U.S.

Travis Calvert of Reno.

Travis lives in Reno with his wife Amelia, and spends his days working for IGT. A talented musician, he’s dabbled in writing and directing but started to seriously pursue it in the last three-to-four years. When he read about the Jameson contest online, he dashed out a seven-page screenplay and submitted it. The annual contest is sponsored by Jameson and Kevin Spacey’s production company, Trigger Street, and is Spacey’s effort to help unknown artists in filmmaking.

His film “The Library Book” was chosen to be one of the 20 finalists, and eventually went on to be one of the three films that were created. Adrien Brody starred in the short film, which was filmed over two days (with a week of pre-production work) in Los Angeles.

The film is a sweet, surprising tale of chance meetings and choices.

Watch Travis Calvert’s “The Library Book.”