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Tonight Only (8/12/22) – Virtual Lecture By Yoshiko Kajimoto: Atomic Bomb Survivor

The National Atomic Testing Museum in Las Vegas has partnered with the Hiroshima Peace Museum for the 2nd annual survivor testimonial. This evening, Yoshiko Kajimoto will share her experience on August 6, 1945, when an atomic bomb was detonated over the city of Hiroshima. The virtual lecture will be held at 6:00 PM Pacific Time. […]
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Museum hosts diversity and the Transcontinental Railroad lecture

The construction of the Transcontinental Railroad is one of American’s milestone achievements, but it took a multinational workforce to get it done. Many are familiar with the Chinese immigrants who labored for the Central Pacific Railroad, but they were just one of many immigrant groups who found work on the Pacific Railway.   On Friday, […]