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FOCUS Photographer Symposiums

FOCUS is a photographer symposium sponsored by Nevada Magazine, organized and moderated by Art Director Kippy Spilker.

Comprised of presentations and demonstrations given by respected talented local photographers as well as organized photo walks and outings, these events are great social learning events for photographers. Come and meet new friends, gain helpful insight and knowledge, and just have a good time. This cost varies, depending on location, and is open to photographers of all levels, from beginner to pro. Even if you’re simply shooting with a cell phone, you will likely still find something of value, and at the very least you might get to meet others with similar interests and make some new friends.

See information on past FOCUS events below.

For the most current updates, and to communicate with other attendees and presenters, please join our FOCUS Facebook group. More details will be posted here as time allows, but updates and conversation there will be more frequent.

FOCUS 1 was held Wednesday, June 28, 2017, in the Laxalt Building chambers, Carson City. It featured 4 presenters for a half-day event, followed by lunch at Q’s BBQ (no longer open, due to a catastrophic fire).

• Melissa Knight spoke on gaining and retaining customers

• Larry Burton shared the basics of taking sharp photos

• Christi Tolbert discussed the stock photography market

• Neil Lockhart gave tips and tricks for nighttime photography

FOCUS 2 was held Tuesday, November 7, 2017, at the Legislature Building in Carson City. A full-day symposium, this event had lunch catered in and featured 9 speakers.

• Neil Lockhart gave a live light painting demonstration

• Kaitlin Godbey showed everyone how to build a better Instagram profile

• Michael Horsley shared how he gets his best wildlife photos

• Jerry Fenwick went a step further and shared how people can get the best wildlife photos, even from their own back yard

• Kristen Kabrin kicked off our “How did you do that” session, featuring black and white photography

• Dennis Doyle, “How did you do that” shared long exposure tips

• Susan Koppel, “How did you do that” explained how people could get great zoo/animal sanctuary photos

• Lee Molof, “How did you do that” went through some post-processing options

• Kippy Spilker ended the symposium by sharing tips on bettering your chances of being published in Nevada Magazine

FOCUS 3 was held Friday, June 22, 2018, at the Brewery Arts Center in Carson City in the a.m., and Silver Saddle Ranch in Carson City in the p.m. Many attending the afternoon session “brown-bagged” it for lunch at Carson River Park, right next to Silver Saddle.

• M.D. Welch talked about the science of lighting, with a live demonstration

• Cindy Whitaker shared how she shopped for and found a “home” gallery

• Rick Mosher took us through the process of building one of his woodland spirit creations

• Larry Neel extolled the virtues of revisiting your past images

• Kristen Kabrin shared how she got out of her comfort zone, with helpful suggestions for others to do so

• Kippy Spilker talked about volunteering your time and talent as a photographer

• Larry Burton and Mark Vollmer led afternoon photo tours at Silver Saddle Ranch

Please contact Kippy Spilker with any questions about the FOCUS photographer symposiums.

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