Where the Wild Things Are…in Nevada

Fall 2021

Human fascination with Mother Nature’s fauna existed long before recorded history. We can’t get enough of the animals with whom we share the planet, and while the question of man’s impact on other creatures is widely debated, there are a number of organizations in Nevada that raise the art of caretaking to a whole new level. 

App-solutely Perfect Travel Planning

Summer 2021

For many of us, the days of maps and travel brochures sprawled across the table while we scribble on a notepad are gone. Replaced by websites, mobile maps, and travel apps, a new selection of on-the-go providers are ready to pave the way to your next adventure. 

Turn The Page: This Bookstore Covers So Much More

Spring 2021

A birdcage of freedom. A grand literary conundrum, it’s true. Maya Angelou’s great poem may spring to mind, but I mean Yeats and his Byzantium, a place of spiritual fulfillment where what’s crucial to your soul sings out to you from a golden bough of what you need, what will get you there, and what awaits your arrival. Such a place exists at The Writer’s Block, a bookstore in Downtown Las Vegas.

Boom Town: Changing Las Vegas

Winter 2021

“If you build it, they will come.” Lifting a line from the 1989 baseball film classic “Field of Dreams” is fitting when talking about Downtown Las Vegas these days. Especially when it comes to sports-loving Derek Stevens, a Fremont Street titan who in October 2020 opened Circa Resort & Casino, an adults-only resort and the first newly constructed property to be built in Downtown Las Vegas in four decades. 

A Warm (and Fuzzy) Welcome

Fall 2020

Ah, the joys of flying. Beautiful airports with luxurious lounges for all boarding passengers. Communing with fellow passengers over travel tips and the excitement of that long-distance flight. Elegantly dressed passengers dine on sumptuous meals, served by attentive stewardesses catering to their every need. Stretching out, enjoying a comfortable and spacious seat, fluffy pillow, and soft blanket so you can rest before you reach your destination.

Wake up!

Once You’re In, You’re In For Life

May – June 2020

Going to Las Vegas to visit a museum might have once sounded as foolish as trying to sell ice cubes to Eskimos. It’s not that the town is culturally bereft; far from it. From sunken objects recovered from the Titanic to Carroll Shelby’s gleaming machines—not to mention the wealth of historical, cultural, and incredible artifacts at the state museums—Las Vegas has long had its fair share of educational diversions.

The city also had its share of historical diversions during its growth, and none has been quite so infamous as Las Vegas’ connection to the mob.

Industrial Fun

March – April 2020

A bit of a bold statement was made by a “New York Times” architecture and design blogger when she stated “The shipping container could be the 21st century’s brick.” Bold perhaps, but not without merit. The containers are inexpensive, easy to transport and set up, sustainable, and watertight, to name just a few attributes. 

Need further proof? Container parks dot the planet, and in the last decade or so, industrial structures inviting shopping, dining, recreation, and more have sprung up everywhere from California to Dubai. In Nevada, there are three alone, each with its own vibe and intention, but all distinctly engaging. 

Nevada Nuggets

November – December 2019

Anyone traveling through Nevada may have noticed a common occurrence beyond the majestic mountains, stunning views, and neon lights. For frequent travelers of the Silver State, there’s another sign you’re in Nevada: seeing a casino with the word nugget in the name.

Tahoe Pyramid Trail

September – October 2019

Lake Tahoe is the largest alpine lake in North America, known for its clear, crystal-blue waters created by snow melt from the surrounding mountains. Pyramid Lake is an endorheic salt lake—a prehistoric vestige of the once great Lake Lahontan—that sits in the desert about 100 miles northeast of Tahoe. These two disparate bodies of water are joined by a common thread—the Truckee River. The Truckee is the only outlet of Lake Tahoe, flowing northeast for 121 miles from Tahoe City, California, through the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range into Nevada where it ends its journey at Pyramid Lake.

National Atomic Testing Museum

July – August 2019

Mushroom clouds marked the end of the deadliest conflict in world history, though mankind was just getting started testing the limits of its newfound deadly technology. The development of the atomic bomb is one of the most important factors that caused World War II to come to an end in 1945, though Nevada’s role in the atomic process would continue for decades to come.

Surf’s Up on the Truckee River

July – August 2019

What do surfing and casino games have in common? They’re both a gamble. Ask any surfer if they’re guaranteed to get waves during any session and most will tell you that it’s always a bit of a crapshoot. First, nature needs to provide surfable waves and surfable conditions. Then, when there are waves and the action is pumping, other surfers, surfing rules, and etiquette can inhibit getting waves.

Personally Perfect Weddings

May – June 2019

Getting married in Las Vegas—if Hollywood is to be believed—is for the young, the foolish, the headstrong, or the inebriated. In the really far-out tales, those qualities are all rolled up in one impatient, lovestruck couple who have just met and take their new-found passion all the way to the altar.

Capitol Improvements

March – April 2019

The 80th session of the Nevada Legislature is now underway, and the state’s 63 senate and assembly members meet in the building just south of the State Capitol complex in Carson City. Nevada is one of just three states where its legislature is separate from its Capitol, but once upon a time, our lawmakers crowded the hallowed halls of the Capitol building.

Today, the State Capitol provides the offices of the governor, lieutenant governor, and secretary of state, among others, and is also home to one of the state’s best and often overlooked tours. Not only is the building’s history available to visitors, but so is a deep and personal look at Nevada’s governmental history from its very beginning.

Cowboy Arts & Gear Museum

January – February 2019

The image of a cowboy is synonymous with the west. Of course there were cowboys around the world long before the Wild West was settled, but if you mention cowboys, it’s the west that springs to mind. Romantic images of hardscrabble men (and yes, some women) who lived on the land, rode majestic horses, drove cattle across landscapes covered with brush, and camped beneath endless starlit skies…that’s a cowboy. Nevada has always celebrated and honored their contributions and the new Cowboy Arts & Gear Museum in Elko is the latest venue to pay homage.

Reno Sesquicentennial

May – June 2018

  RENO: 150 Years in the making The Biggest Little City in the World looks ahead to its sesquicentennial celebration. BY MATTHEW B. BROWN I’ll never forget when I told a relative in 2003 that my then-fiance and I were moving to Reno. “Are you going to ride your horse to work?” he asked, mockingly. […]

The Magic Of Las Vegas

March – April 2018

Magic Casts a Spell over Las Vegas Seeing is believing as illusionists and magicians reappear all over The Strip By Megg Mueller Merriam-Webster defines magic as “the use of means (such as charms or spells) believed to have supernatural power over natural forces.” I appreciate the need for a concise definition, but magic exists in […]

Nevada Northern Railway is a Real Trip

January-February 2018

PLAN YOUR VACATION BACK IN TIME Nevada Northern Railway is a real trip. BY MARK S. BASSETT Nevada is home to many distinct opportunities, but there’s one that sets itself apart from the other myriad reasons to visit. In the small eastern town of Ely, you can take a vacation back in time. The Nevada […]

Pinball Hall Of Fame

November – December 2017

Pinball Hall Of Fame Museum of arcade games supplies all the bells and whistles for a trip back in time. STORY & PHOTOS BY J. TYGE O’DONNELL Two miles east of the Las Vegas Strip, there’s a place one can hear the clink of coins along with the bells and whistles of machines eager for […]

Nevada Photographers

September-October 2017

Learn to shoot the Silver State through the eyes of professional photographers. NEVADA PHOTO TOURS: SERIES COMPILED BY KIPPY S. SPILKER The bacon wave at Valley of Fire State Park. A sunset at Lake Tahoe’s Bonsai rock. The International Car Forest of the Last Church in Goldfield. Iconic images are everywhere in Nevada, but capturing […]

Nevada Photographers: July/August 2017

July – August 2017

NEVADA PHOTO TOUR GUIDES Nevada Magazine staff embarks on educational photography escapade. The bacon wave at Valley of Fire State Park. A sunset at Lake Tahoe’s Bonsai rock. The International Car Forest of the Last Church in Goldfield. Iconic images are everywhere in Nevada, but capturing them in photos can be tricky. Taking a photo […]

Nevada Bookstores

May – June 2017

  Literacy Caches Hunting for Treasures in Nevada’s Hidden Bookstores BY ANNIE FLANZRAICH Remnants of treasure hunts punctuate Nevada’s arid landscape. The state’s ghost towns—oblique wooden structures, crumbling under the weight of history—stand as a testament to lodes of ore. While the Silver State’s eponymous cache may be less accessible nowadays, there’s a more abundant […]

Nevada Photographers: May/June 2017

May – June 2017

  Donald Heldoorn, in his own words I’m a wildlife, landscape, and sports photographer with published photos in several magazines and books. Nevada Exploration Photo Tour is my company, and through that I offer a 1-3 person private wildlife tour of the Carson Valley and surrounding area for professional photographers and experienced enthusiast photographers. I […]

Historic Las Vegas

March – April 2017

Las Vegas History Finds Its Way Home Preserving mid-century neighborhoods strengthens community at large. STORY BY CHRIS LEWIS PHOTOS BY MARK DUNTON “What history?” That’s the common reply when history and Las Vegas are used in the same sentence. It’s a city that places a value on newness; a town that doesn’t hesitate to level a […]

Nevada Photographers: March/April 2017

March – April 2017

Nevada Photo Tour Guides Learn to shoot the Silver State through the eyes of professional photographers. NEVADA PHOTO TOURS: SERIES COMPILED BY KIPPY S. SPILKER The bacon wave at Valley of Fire State Park. A sunset at Lake Tahoe’s Bonsai rock. The International Car Forest of the Last Church in Goldfield. Iconic images are everywhere […]

Reno Adventure Park

July – August 2016

HOW SHEER ADVENTURE SOARS Reno disc golf park blends beauty and altitude. BY JOHN DELELLO As I trot down the concrete runway, I plant my feet consciously and precisely, taking care not to tumble down the mountain. Quickly yet fervently I let the neon-yellow disc fly with all my strength. My target—a steel disc catcher […]

Swinging For The Fence

May – June 2016

Swinging For The Fence STEP UP TO THE PLATE FOR A FUN (AND HOPEFULLY FREE) NIGHT IN RENO. BY DAVE ZOOK The game plan is simple: have fun and don’t spend much money. With a little luck, spend no money at all. The idea is to book a room, eat dinner, go to a baseball […]

What’s Old is New Again

March – April 2016

  What’s Old is New Again VINTAGE LAS VEGAS GETS NEW LIFE FROM NOSTALGIC ENTHUSIASTS. BY DAVE CLARK “If these walls could talk” is an overused cliché, but at Champagne’s Cafe in Las Vegas the 50-year-old gold-and-red velvet wallpaper is one of this dive bar’s star relics—whispering of a history strewn with mobsters, mistresses, and […]

Through The Lens: Midtown Mural Tour

January – February 2016

Through The Lens: Midtown Mural Tour RENO ART MURALS INSPIRE AND INVIGORATE AREA AND ARTISTS BY MEGG MUELLER   When we’re young, many of us play with a jack-in-the-box; with just a little persistence, we are continually delighted by the surprise that pops up. Reno’s Midtown Mural Tour is a bit like that; the payoff […]

Gold & Silver Pawn Shop

November – December 2015

Gold & Silver Pawn Shop RICK HARRISON MAKES PAWNING THE STAR OF VEGAS. BY MEGG MUELLER Not all reality TV stars are the same. While some become household names due to poor behavior or their dating and fashion choices, others become famous for being genuinely entertaining. Rick Harrison falls into the latter category. He is […]

Do As The Pahrumpians

July – August 2015

DO AS THE PAHRUMPIANS DO THE MISSION IS PURE FUN 60 MILES WEST OF LAS VEGAS. BY ERIC CACHINERO Pahrump: the only city in Nevada that will turn you into James Bond after a single visit. OK… while that statement is mostly a silly hyperbole, there is a bit of truth to it. When I first […]

Like a Rolling Stone

May – June 2015

Like a Rolling Stone EIGHT GREAT THINGS TO DO IN BOULDER CITY THAT AREN’T JUST SOME DAM JOKE. BY ERIC CACHINERO I must admit that I knew very little about Boulder City before visiting—an inexcusable realization considering the town’s importance to United States and Nevada history. Boulder City was once at the heart of one […]

Splendiferous Spring Festivals

March – April 2015

Splendiferous Spring Festivals NEVADA COVERS THE GAMUT OF CELEBRATORY HAPPENINGS. BY ERIC CACHINERO There’s many charming words in Nevada’s arsenal of descriptive adjectives, festive being one of them. So it’s no surprise that the Silver State contains a separate arsenal for its superb spring festivals. Because if staring up at multicolored hot air balloons in […]

New Year, New Vegas

January – February 2015

New Year, New Vegas Exciting changes reenergize the north Strip. BY JOANNA HAUGEN Almost everyone has a story about Las Vegas’ iconic Sahara Hotel. Abbott and Costello appeared together for the very last time on Sahara’s lounge stage in 1956, and The Beatles stayed at the hotel in 1964 when they first performed in Las Vegas. […]

Fascinating Facts, Rare Records, and Crazy Confabulations

September – October 2014

Discovering the truth behind Nevada legends. BY MEGG MUELLER Researching a story on Nevada’s biggest, smallest, largest, shortest, oldest, etc., facts was a scavenger hunt, and proof that one day a new adage will be noted: Just because it’s on the Internet, doesn’t make it true. While some of the information I found had a […]

Downtown Container Park

March – April 2014

Innovative social hub and retail space supports Las Vegas entrepreneurs. BY JOANNA HAUGEN Before they happen upon the outdoor dining tables or quirky play area made of a maze of slides, visitors to Downtown Container Park in Las Vegas are greeted by the Mantis—a 40-foot-long, fire-breathing art project that debuted at Burning Man two years […]

Live, Laughlin, Love

January – February 2014

Live, Laughlin, Love 10 things we learned about this Southern Nevada gem of a town during a recent visit. BY ERIC CACHINERO CLEAR? CRYSTAL Move over Lake Tahoe, Laughlin is giving you a run for your money. We were absolutely astonished by the clarity of the Colorado River—the impressive water source flowing alongside the Laughlin […]

The Linq

November – December 2013

 The Linq – Open-air retail, dining, and entertainment district aims to create a new type of visitor experience on the Las Vegas Strip. BY JOANNA HAUGEN Las Vegas resort-casinos have historically been designed to keep visitors inside, without clocks, windows, or easy access to exits. With several dining options; a variety of entertainment choices, gaming opportunities, […]

Something Grand in the Making

September – October 2013

A reborn Lady Luck Hotel & Casino is one of many projects changing the face of downtown Las Vegas. BY JOANNA HAUGEN If you haven’t visited downtown Las Vegas lately, it may be time to take a trip. A variety of interesting museums have either opened or received facelifts over the past year. New bike […]

Wet ‘n’ Wild Las Vegas

May – June 2013

Wet ‘n’ Wild Las Vegas New waterpark promises to help Southern Nevadans and tourists beat the heat. BY CAMBRIA ROTH Las Vegas is traditionally known as an adult destination. But when Las Vegan Ted Stringer heard about the new waterpark, Wet ‘n’ Wild, opening in late May in southwest Las Vegas, he knew it would […]

Reno’s new slogan, state of tourism

March – April 2013

All Seasons—1,000 Reasons RSCVA CEO discusses Reno’s new slogan and the state of tourism in Northern Nevada. BY CHARLIE JOHNSTON The Biggest Little City in the World, America’s Adventure Place, A Little West of Center, Far From Expected…Reno has seen its fair share of nicknames and slogans—especially so in the last decade—and few of them […]

Reno’s Grand Central

January – February 2013

Reno’s Grand Central The Biggest Little City’s Amtrak station has sent passengers to and fro for nearly a century. Story and Photos By Greg McFarlane Train stations are buildings to revere and remark upon. An exceptional station reminds passengers that sometimes the destination can be as important as the journey. Unlike airports, the great railroad […]

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