Your Favorite Nevada Special Event

Each issue we showcase what we love about Nevada. Well, now it’s your turn. We’re dedicating these pages to our readers this year, and we’re asking you to share images of your Nevada favorites. Each issue we’ll pick a theme (see below) and let our readers lead the way!

We asked to see your favorite event and you responded proudly! Nevada has a spectacular offering of interesting and quirky events that compose the character of this state.

Best of Nevada

Our 23rd annual readers’ survey results are here! This survey has changed as the years have gone by, but one thing stays the same: people are passionate about their choices. This year’s results look a little different than past years, yet there are many constants. Our readers have grown and changed, so the Best of 2020 reflects those differences, but fear not as many old favorites are still well represented.

Nevada Twilight

In 1956, the American CinemaScope epic film “The Conqueror” hit the big screen. The movie was produced by business magnate and film tycoon Howard Hughes, and starred John Wayne as the Mongol leader Genghis Khan. The movie details Genghis Khan’s love for Bortai—the daughter of a rival tribe—whom he steals away, causing a war. Once the movie hit theaters, it was clear it was cursed.

Haunted Nevada

The phrase “if these walls could talk” is bandied about to convey that a room or structure had likely housed many conversations and situations that had been forgotten in the shadows of time. Nowhere could this be truer than the Nevada State Prison in Carson City. The stories that remain from the venerable institution are enough to fill 10 libraries, and consider this: those are just the ones we know about.

Haunted Nevada

When I heard we would be spending a night in the miner’s cabin at the Gold Hill Hotel—one of the most popular destinations for paranormal researchers in the state—and taking a walking ghost tour in Virginia City both in the same night, I was naturally (or supernaturally) elated.

Nevada Twilight

Local Lore & Mysterious Matters Episode 3: A cashier conundrum, the Pyramid cradle, and the Sundance scandal. BY ERIC CACHINERO Mankind’s natural curiosity for the mysterious and unexplained spans our entire history. Where is the lost city of Atlantis? Will we ever know the identity of Jack the Ripper? How were ancient sites like Stonehenge […]

Your Favorite Nevada Wildlife

Each issue we showcase what we love about Nevada. Well, now it’s your turn. We’re dedicating these pages to our readers this year, and we’re asking you to share images of your Nevada favorites. Each issue we’ll pick a theme (see below) and let our readers lead the way!

We asked to see your favorite wildlife and what a diverse group of animals you sent! We knew this would be an exciting theme, thanks to how prolific wildlife is in the Silver State, but we were still blown away by your submissions. There were so many incredible photos to choose from, we can’t thank you enough. Nevada certainly is rich in beautiful wildlife.

2020 Great Nevada Picture Hunt Rules

If you are not a digital subscriber, please use this link to submit your images:  Please bookmark this link to assure access to the contest. The Great Nevada Picture Hunt is now underway! Please read the NEW RULES before you submit, and good luck! Submit your images at the bottom of this page. DO NOT […]

Best of Nevada 2020 is open!

Voting is now open in our 23rd anniversary Best of Nevada readers’ poll! Vote here! Please read all rules at the top of the survey.  Cast your vote for a chance to win a southern Nevada getaway package: 2-3 nights stays at these great resorts Food & beverage credits for restaurants Spa packages 3-hour zipline […]

Nevada Twilight Part 2

Local Lore & Mysterious Matters Episode 2: A casino’s riches vanish, a ghostly stickup, and an elusive serpent. BY ERIC CACHINERO Mankind’s natural curiosity for the mysterious and unexplained spans our entire history. Where is the lost city of Atlantis? Will we ever know the identity of Jack the Ripper? How were ancient sites like […]

Your Favorite Nevada Structure

We asked to see your favorite structure for this issue, and with no guidelines other than that, our submissions ran the gamut. And we love it! From historic buildings to remnants of the past and impressive sites today, the photos on these pages reveal the Silver State is rich in structural art.

Haunted Nevada: Something Spectral

With an arsenal of abandoned historical buildings and eerie locations, Nevada can occasionally be spooky. Much of the energy stems from the state’s mining history, which got grizzly and dark at times. Mine fires and construction catastrophes are engrained in Nevada, as are Wild West-style murders. Some people attribute these factors to the reported hauntings at many of the state’s oldest mines and buildings.

Not everything paranormal needs to be scary, though. Many people believe in the presence of residents past, whose ties to a particular area simply withstand the test of time. 

Whether you believe in ghosts or not, there’s a strong case to be made that different buildings or areas can affect our senses in different ways. This certainly has been the case with countless paranormal investigators that have spent countless hours in the Silver State searching for something spectral.

Your Favorite Nevada View

Each issue we showcase what we love about Nevada. Well, now it’s your turn. We’re dedicating these pages to our readers this year, and we’re asking to share images of some of your Nevada favorites. Each issue we’ll pick a theme (see below), and let our readers lead the way!

We asked to see your favorite view for this issue, and you responded! From shots out the backdoor to those that required long hikes and everything in between, we received photos that demonstrate just how much beauty Nevada has to offer.

Nevada Twilight

Mankind’s natural curiosity for the mysterious and unexplained spans our entire history. Where is the lost city of Atlantis? Will we ever know the identity of Jack the Ripper? How were ancient sites like Stonehenge and the Great Pyramids constructed? Is Bigfoot real? What actually caused the dinosaurs to go extinct? Do aliens exist? Nevada holds its own collection of myths and mysteries, peculiar and unexplained. Some are morbid, some are silly, but all require the reader to take a small step—or leap, if you like—into a “Twilight Zone” mindset. Sit back, relax, and enjoy, because you’ve just crossed over.

Veterans Home in Reno Showcases Incredible Nevada Images

In August 2018, I was contacted by Connie Johnson and Sandi TenBoer from the new Northern Nevada State Veterans Home in Sparks that was scheduled to open in mid-2019, asking if we could sell them some photos for the facility. They had a limited budget and tried purchasing Nevada photos from a stock photo company, but were disappointed in the choices.

Only in Your State: Guru Road

Around 2 miles north of Gerlach lies a peculiar road; an anomalous cut in the sagebrush. Nevada has seemingly endless miles of dirt roads, but this one is special. Guru Road, as it has become known, is the Burning Man of dirt roads.

The Silver State Scavenger Hunt Results

The 2019 hunt has officially come to a close. The 2019 Silver State Scavenger Hunt took dedicated adventurers tens of thousands of miles collectively around the state, exploring some of Nevada’s most incredible natural wonders. Participants searched near and far to complete the hunt, collecting memories and crossing off places of the state they’ve never […]

2019 Great Nevada Picture Hunt

Merriam-Webster defines photography as “The art or process of producing images by the action of radiant energy and especially light on a sensitive surface (such as film or an optical sensor).” While this definition certainly describes the act of creating an image, it leaves out the most important factor in the whole equation: the photographer.

The images you are about to experience didn’t simply come from a camera arbitrarily aimed at a particular subject, rather they were created through the passion and artistic perspective of the person behind the lens. We all know Nevada is beautiful, but it’s the photographers’ ability to capture this beauty using infinite perspectives that really makes the state shine.

Only In Your State: International Car Forest of the Last Church

Is an abandoned car in the desert in violation of leave-no-trace ethics? If you think about it, it’s made of everything that came from the earth, just assembled differently. Iron ore is mined to make steel, which is used for the frame and body panels; glass windows are just heated sand; gasoline is made from crude oil, which formed from ancient plants and animals; even rubber tires and plastic dashes are just modified forms of naturally-occurring materials.

The Silver State Scavenger Hunt

Get out there and explore our state’s natural wonders. Have you ever traversed the narrow slot canyons of Cathedral Gorge? Gazed upon Lake Tahoe’s most iconic bonsai tree? Hiked among the vibrant red sandstone in the Valley of Fire? Gazed across the seemingly infinite flatness of the Black Rock Desert? Do you want an excuse […]

Best of Nevada

Our 22nd annual readers’ survey is complete, and once again, the staff of Nevada Magazine is happy they are not the ones doing the voting. There are simply too many choices, which is why we leave this to our readers. Nevada businesses engender some staunch loyalty, that’s for sure, but it’s always great to see […]

Only In Your State: Republic of Molossia

“Business or pleasure?”

If you’ve traveled outside of the U.S., you may have heard this phrase muttered by stoic customs agents upon stamping your passport. But, did you know this scenario can play out within the confines of our great state?

Only In Your State: Fly Geyser

Had Dr. Seuss had the ability to create one lasting physical memorial here on Earth, Fly Geyser would probably be his contribution. This magical manmade monument rests on the edge of the Black Rock Desert in northern Nevada.

2019 Silver State Scavenger Hunt

NEVADA MAGAZINE CELEBRATES OUR STATE’S NATURAL WONDERS. Click here for complete rules. Have you ever traversed the narrow slot canyons of Cathedral Gorge? Gazed upon Lake Tahoe’s most iconic bonsai tree? Hiked among the vibrant red sandstone in the Valley of Fire? Gazed across the seemingly infinite flatness of the Black Rock Desert? Do you want […]

Great Nevada Picture Hunt rules

The Great Nevada Picture Hunt is underway! Please read the rules before you submit, and good luck! Contest began May 20, 2019 and the deadline to enter is Friday, July 19, 2019, 5 p.m. Pacific time. Categories: Each photo submitted must be labeled with one category. Submissions without a category will not be considered. Some […]

Only in your State: Goldwell Open Air Museum

What do a ghostly figure holding a bicycle, a seemingly nude towering pink Lego woman, and a metal prospector with a penguin have in common?
They’re only found together in our state. Nowhere else in the world would that sentence make sense other than at the Goldwell Open Air Museum, located near the Rhyolite ghost town.

2019 Best of Nevada

Voting is now open in our 22nd anniversary Best of Nevada readers’ poll!

Governor Brian Sandoval

A conversation with Nevada’s 29th governor. BY MEGG MUELLER Brian Edward Sandoval was elected Nevada’s 29th governor in 2010. Due to term limitations, he will re­enter the private sector when the state’s soon-to-be-elected 30th governor takes office in January 2019. It may shock some folks to know that Governor Sandoval was not born in Nevada, for […]

Best of Nevada 2018 winners

20th Annual Reader’s Survey In the July/August 1998 issue, the Best of Nevada contest was born with a whopping 31 categories. Best revue, lounge act, and hotel reservation service were among the choices readers voted on that year, but today most folks wouldn’t even know what a hotel reservation service was (hint: It wasn’t Google). […]

Best of Nevada 2015 Winners

18th ANNUAL READERS’ SURVEY To choose “the best” is a tough endeavor in a state as great as ours. Nevada is home to so many top restaurants,  shows,  attractions, golf courses, etc…we have just about run out of superlatives.  That’s where you come in; each year, our readers vote for their favorite things about Nevada. We added some new categories this […]

The Silver State Scavenger Hunt Official Rules

Read about the current contest here. WHAT TO DO • Take and submit one clear photo at each location listed in the Silver State Scavenger Hunt. Be sure that photos give a clear shot of the participant, magazine, and destination. • Follow Nevada Magazine on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to stay up to date on scavenger hunt happenings. • Use #nvmaghunt on […]

2018 Silver State Scavenger Hunt

NEVADA MAGAZINE CELEBRATES THE YEAR OF THE TRAIN BY SENDING ADVENTURERS TO RAILROAD DESTINATIONS. Click here for complete rules. All aboard the 2018 Silver State Scavenger Hunt! The hunt is back, and the pressure’s on to get out and explore Nevada while winning some awesome adventure prizes. We’re incorporating the Nevada railroads theme into this year’s hunt, […]

Ancient Nevada: Part VI – Geology

Ancient Nevada – Geology Sixth of six-part series explores the geology of the Great  Basin. BY ERIC CACHINERO A fire raged some 15 million years ago that still glows to this day. Though the embers are now cool enough to hold in your hands, the colors are as bright as ever. During the time when it […]

Ancient Nevada Part V: Plants & Animals

Fifth of six-part series explores the Great Basin’s primal flora and fauna. Plants & Animals BY ERIC CACHINERO Tens of thousands of years ago, on a landscape marked by vast ancient lakes, a creature roved in search of prey. It stood about the same height as a male grizzly bear, and sported a set of […]

2017 Great Nevada Picture Hunt

GREAT NEVADA PICTURE HUNT Nevada means home to each and everyone one of us in different ways, which is why it was a spectacular, albeit challenging, task selecting our favorites for this year’s picture hunt. We received more than 1,200 photographs, each expressing a distinct and brilliant facet of the Silver State. We want to […]

Ancient Nevada: Fossils

Ancient Nevada – Fossils Fourth of six-part series unearths specimens that are older than dirt. BY ERIC CACHINERO   Evidence of ancient life is set in stone. Hundreds of millions of years ago, giant marine reptiles occupied the oceans that covered what would become Nevada. The ichthyosaur was one among many species whose bodies became […]

Ancient Nevada, Part 3: Landscapes

Third of six-part series explores the forming of Nevada’s diverse landscapes. BY ERIC CACHINERO Although surely a feat for the ambitious, it is possible to walk the rim of a volcanic crater at Lunar Crater National Natural Landmark, hike the nearly 12,000-foot Arc Dome, and soak in a geothermal-heated pool in the massive Big Smokey […]

2017 Silver State Scavenger Hunt

CLICK HERE FOR THE 2018 SILVER STATE SCAVENGER HUNT! Where else in the world can you traverse a forest comprised entirely of dilapidated and half-buried cars, photograph a plaster ghost riding a bicycle next to a giant metal penguin and miner, admire eloquent murals depicting Nevada history, and watch 30-foot flames shoot from the antennae of […]

Ancient Nevada, Part 2: Civilizations

Second of six-part series explores clues left behind by the earliest Nevadans. BY ERIC CACHINERO Thousands of years before the Great Pyramid of Giza, Machu Picchu, and Stonehenge were built, ancient Nevadans were leaving their own existential clues. Some of these clues—time capsules delivering messages about the behavior of man—sat preserved deep in the recesses […]

Ancient Nevada, Part 1: Water

If you were to stand on the shore of Pyramid Lake and gaze across seemingly endless miles of beautiful blue water, it would be hard to imagine that it could get any larger. But the northern Nevada lake was once part of a much larger body of water that dwarfed modern ones in size.

Tour Around Nevada: Fallon

With hearts of gold, this Top Gun town flies to the finish. BY MEGG MUELLER The final winner of our 2016 Tour Around Nevada contest shouldn’t be all it is today. Plopped into the arid land that was once home to ancient Lake Lahontan and part of the Forty-Mile Desert that ended the dreams of […]

Carson City State Museums

Tucked into the capital, two distinct venues bring history to life. BY GUY CLIFTON At its best, history tickles our senses. To see history up close—to touch it, to smell it, to hear it, to stand in the footsteps of those who made it—is what ties generations together. It can spark wonder in the young […]

Tour Around Nevada: Mesquite

This small southeastern town adds flavor to the state. BY JANET GEARY The adage “if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again” is familiar to most, but it is especially personal in the southeastern town of Mesquite. A handful of pioneers who refused to let the beautiful, but fickle, Virgin River keep them from […]

Nevada Historical Society

Collecting and preserving Nevada’s past takes more than just a museum. BY MEGG MUELLER To unlock the story of the Nevada Historical Society in Reno seems a bit like unfolding an origami swan. The intricacies of the design, the numerous layers and folds, and the amount of effort involved in its creation are just a […]

2016 Great Nevada Picture Hunt

GRAND PRIZE WINNER Tony Fuentes Oftentimes, photographers explain that unexpected circumstances can lead to an extraordinary shot. Such is the case for the grand-prize winner of the 2016 Great Nevada Picture Hunt Tony Fuentes, who captured this incredible shot of Sand Harbor and Lake Tahoe’s eastern shore. “A  friend and I arrived to the overlook, […]

Tour Around Nevada: Winnemucca

Let's get this out of the way: there is no such thing as a mucca, so no, you can't win one. And yes, that question gets asked.

Scavenger Hunt – 2016

The Silver State Scavenger Hunt Get to the Ghost Towns! Let the Scavenger Hunt begin! First 25 people to complete will receive a free copy of Nevada Magazine’s new Ghost Towns & Historic Sites Map! The second-annual Silver State Scavenger Hunt is now in full swing! We’ve decided to celebrate ghost towns this year, highlighting […]

Tour Around Nevada: Genoa

Tiny town’s history is larger than life. BY MEGG MUELLER If you look up quaint in the dictionary, you just might find a photo of the town of Genoa. Tucked so perfectly into the spectacular Carson Range of the Sierra Nevada mountains, this picturesque town is exactly what you’d expect from what many say is […]

A Cultural and Historic Jackpot

Nevada State Museum, Las Vegas, showcases area’s rich history. STORY BY ERIC H. MAUPIN PHOTOS BY SYDNEY MARTINEZ/TRAVELNEVADA The Nevada State Museum, Las Vegas has been providing tourists and locals with a wide range of historical knowledge about the state of Nevada since 1982. The museum relocated to Springs Preserve in Las Vegas in 2011, […]

2016 Silver State Scavenger Hunt

CLICK HERE FOR THE 2018 SILVER STATE SCAVENGER HUNT! On the heels of a successful inaugural run, the Nevada Magazine Silver State Scavenger Hunt is back! In 2015, participants traveled tens of thousands of miles, explored nearly every nook and cranny in the state, and truly earned the title of Nevada explorer. This year’s hunt promises to be […]

Tour Around Nevada: Sparks

Jokes aside, northern Nevada town is a little slice of heaven.   BY MEGG MUELLER Sparks Councilwoman Julia Ratti had a big birthday wish. “I was traveling to New York City and I grabbed Nevada Magazine at the airport and saw the Tour Around Nevada story,” she recalls. “I posted on Facebook my birthday wish […]

A Museum In Motion

  East Ely Railroad Depot chronicals decades of locomotive history. BY LINDA FINE CONABOY Railroad and history buffs, beware. The East Ely Railroad Depot Museum has designs on you, and if you visit, you’ll be back—again and again. The museum offers a trove of history, memories, and lore from days gone by, unaltered, carefully maintained, […]

Tour Around Nevada: Carson City

A Capital place to live, according to all. BY MEGG MUELLER When I was a youngster living in Reno, I used to think of Carson City as that town in between me and my sister in Los Angeles; the pedestrian-friendly 25-mph speed limit through the heart of Carson’s downtown drove me crazy, as I was […]

Lost City Museum

Exhibit pays tribute to once-thriving towns. BY JANET GEARY Traveling to Mesquite—about 65 miles from Las Vegas on Interstate 15—takes you through a section of the beautiful Moapa Valley, but to really experience it, you need to take State Route 169 south and head to Overton. Overton was originally settled in 1869, and was the […]

Tour Around Nevada: Elko

Expectedly, this northeastern town is home to everything unexpected. BY MEGG MUELLER Great expectations can sometimes lead to disappointment; no expectations can create a sense of boredom. Go ahead and toss both those notions out the window, if you please. This is Elko we’re talking about. “We were a cow town, a railroad town, and […]

Nevada 150 Legacy Projects

The Silver State’s Special Birthday Brought Lasting Changes. BY ERIC CACHINERO Sesquicentennial. The impossible word is back. Not in the sense that we’re celebrating Nevada’s 150th birthday all over again, but that reverberations from the yearlong celebration in 2014 are continuing to echo throughout the state. Nevada’s sesquicentennial came and went; swelling pride from the […]

Tour Around Nevada: Laughlin

Set along the Colorado River, this small town has a big impact on fun. BY MEGG MUELLER There were just 93 residents of Laughlin in 1982 when we wrote a story about the “Boomtown with No Place to Go.” In 2010, when we wrote about Laughlin as a winner in our first Tour Around Nevada […]

Tour Around Nevada: Minden and Gardnerville

Together or alone, twin towns are twice as nice. BY MEGG MUELLER Laurel and Hardy. Batman and Robin. Simon and Garfunkle. Bogie and Bacall. Synergy occurs when two equally exceptional sides join to form a whole; the result is more than just the sum of two parts but an entirely new creation. Minden and Gardnerville […]

Tour Around Nevada: Tonopah

Central Nevada town proves it’s more than just a stop along the way. BY MEGG MUELLER The draw of Tonopah has fluctuated over the years. As home to the second largest silver deposit in Nevada history, its importance as a mining town is undeniable. As the almost-exact halfway point between two of Nevada’s largest cities […]

Tour Around Nevada: Virginia City

Comstock legend earns landslide victory and frequent visitors from a fresh look at history.

2015 Silver State Scavenger Hunt

Calling all trekkers, explorers, road trippers, and weekend warriors! Do you love traveling the Silver State? If so, we want to offer you—the almighty adventurer—a chance to visit some of Nevada’s most iconic destinations, while possibly winning an awesome prize. Like what you see? Here are the details:

Tour Around Nevada:Ely

Outpouring of votes shoots diverse eastern town to No. 1 spot. BY MEGG MUELLER When the votes were counted and Ely was revealed as the first winner of the Tour Around Nevada 2015, no one in the Nevada Magazine office was surprised. Not only did Ely take honors in our 2010 Tour Around Nevada campaign, […]

Love Letters to Nevada

Love Letters to Nevada ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE DURING THE SILVER STATE’S SESQUICENTENNIAL. We can’t believe it’s almost over…more than one year of celebrations, events, and history in the making, and you helped make it possible. In January, Nevada Magazine set out with the goal of finding out what our readers love most about […]

Icons of Nevada

ICONS OF NEVADA BIGHORN SHEEP Nevada Relevance: State Animal The desert (Nelson) bighorn sheep canadensis nelsoni) is found throughout the southern, central, and western part of the state and in mountain ranges as far north as Interstate 80. Tourist Tidbit: Boulder City’s Hemenway Valley Park is popular for its herds of bighorn sheep, which routinely […]

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