Nevada Magazine & Visitor Guide is the official state tourism magazine. Since the publication first appeared in 1936, readers have relied on Nevada Magazine for informative and entertaining features on the Silver State. Readers are active travelers and Nevada enthusiasts.

QUERIES: We prefer a well-written query or outline with specific story elements before we receive the actual story. Write, e-mail, or call us if you have a story idea that you think might work. Nevada Magazine & Visitor Guide is produced only four times a year, so stories can take a long time to develop. Please be patient. A sample copy of the magazine is available by request.

See the “Developing Story Ideas” section for a description of preferred topics. Direct queries to the Editor, preferably via e-mail, to

STORIES/PAYMENT: Stories are accepted on speculation. Most stories range from 500 to 1,500 words. Payment is on publication and varies with article length and quality. We prefer to establish a flat rate of $250 or less with writers if possible. For Web stories published on, we pay a flat rate of $100 or $200 depending on the assignment. Nevada Magazine & Visitor Guide does not pay expenses (travel costs, etc.). It is important to note that payment could take up to a month after publication to get processed.

When your story is tentatively approved for publication, manuscripts should be sent via e-mail. Stories should include a suggested title and byline. Your name, address, phone number(s), and e-mail address should be at the top of the story.

E-mail stories to Editor at The editors reserve the right to edit all material.

For printed stories, the magazine buys first North American rights, as well as the right to publish, distribute, archive, and otherwise use the material in whole or in part in print, electronic, or any other media, and for promotional purposes related to Nevada Magazine’s publications and services.

DEVELOPING STORY IDEAS: Stories in Nevada Magazine & Visitor Guide are written from personal experience and research. What we offer our readers is an authoritative, authentic look at the state. You do not have to live here, but doing a story based solely on web research is rarely enough to get a query accepted. When developing your ideas, please consider Nevada Magazine & Visitor Guide structure and format. The magazine’s format includes the following:


Any interesting Nevada story that rises to the level of a feature story. These are longer and more in-depth than stories that appear in other departments.


City Limits
Features destination stories for Nevada’s larger cities, such as Elko, Tonopah, Fallon, Reno, Las Vegas, etc.

Wide Open
Features destination stories for Nevada’s rural towns and regions.

Usually stories centered on food and drink, such as new or interesting restaurants, wine stores, or coffee houses, or chef spotlights. Including a recipe is a nice touch.

Celebrating the Silver State’s past.

PHOTOS: Nevada Magazine & Visitor Guide prefers digital photos, but will accept transparencies and prints. Please send photo queries to Art Director Kippy Spilker at, or contact Kippy to obtain the Photographer’s Guidelines.

To receive the magazine’s bimonthly Photo Alert, which lists photo needs, sign up here, or e-mail Art Director Kippy Spilker at


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