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Ghost Towns & Historical Sites Maps are back!

For a limited time, we have our incredibly popular Ghost Towns & Historical Sites Maps back in stock. Order today, as we have limited stock.






Nevada Magazine T-shirts

T-shirts are available in five colors (grey, white, red, green, and blue), with limited quantities in sizes Medium, Large, and X-large. Call Carrie at 775-687-0610 or 855-729-7117 to check availability and place an order!







Limited-Edition Poster

Click the red link above to access online ordering. You’ll find “POSTER” available on our checkout page or you can enter 2POSTERS, 3POSTERS, 4POSTERS, or 5POSTERS into the Promotion Code box and click “Check” to populate the appropriate purchase option.

International orders will incur additional postage. Please email to inquire.



Nevada Historical Calendar

Our 2019 Historical Calendar is available for pre-order! — $14 plus $4 S&H

Nevada history buffs love the annual Nevada Historical Calendar for its fascinating old photos from around the state, plus important dates in Nevada history. For 40 years, we’ve shared the best images, and this year we’ve chosen some incredible photos from our past calendars. The large date boxes offer ample room to write appointments in. Click here for more info.


Historical Nevada Book

Historical Nevada Book — $14 plus $6 S&H  (regularly $29.95 plus $6 S&H)



Order this hardcover coffee table book for you and your friends & family today!

Features 150 historical Nevada images.  Click here for more info.

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  1. I am also interested in the Ghost Town and Historic Sites map. Please let me know when you print more. ( the fact that you ran out must mean that they are popular!)

  2. Are you reprinting the ghost town / historic site maps? Looks like a lot of people would like them!

  3. Bob Lilienthal says: -#1

    I saw by your comments that you are out of the Ghost Town map. Any plans to get more? Or is there another website you could recommend?

  4. Is Ghost Towns & Historic Sites Map available to purchase?

  5. It’s d
    December 28 and the order page shows the Historic Nevada book for $29.95 plus S&H and this page shows it for $14 plus S&H.
    I am reluctant to place any online order where the prices do not match across the site.
    Help, please?

  6. Hi, IN the Nov/Dec Magazine you show the book for $20.00. On your website you show it for$29.95. Can you please tell me the correct price?

  7. Over two months ago I ordered a ghost town map. My credit card bill indicates that it was paid for. I still haven’t received it.

    • Hi John. I’m sorry to hear that. I have sent your message to our circulation manager Carrie Roussel. She is out of the office today, but she will be in contact with you on Monday. We’ll get you your map!! -Megg

  8. Quick question on Ghost Town maps- What is the size of the map? Poster size or 8 x11?

  9. Hi can you get the map and the July/Aug magazine at the Legislative store or do you have to order them here?

  10. Are Matt Carter’s photo’s available for purchase? March/April 2016 issue pg. 18 & 19. we are interested in.

  11. I would like a vintage ghost towns map how can I order one

    • Hello David,

      Unfortunately, we are sold out of ghost town maps. We are, however, working on redesigning and printing new maps. We will be making an announcement with purchasing details in an upcoming issue.



  12. You used to sell the Great Nevada Notepad. Each page showed different drawings of Nevada scenes, animals, etc. Are they still available?

  13. Hi, got January edition today. Trying to order Ghost Town Map. Can’t find it on web site. Help!

  14. I had to place two different orders to get two historical calendars. A little bit of a pain as a previous purchaser noted. Especially since my subscription expiration doesn’t coincide with the renewal and purchase of the calendar special. 8 – (
    Also, I was planning on using the same credit card, but I received a message that it was a duplicate order and it appeared as though it wouldn’t go through, so I had to use a different cc.
    Love, love, love the calendars so it was worth it, but it would be easier if, as the other purchaser noted, we could order more than 1 at a time.
    Looking forward to the calendars!

    • Hi Laurel, So sorry you didn’t see my notes on the calendar web page about using Promo Code 2CALENDARS, 3CALENDARS, or 4CALENDARS to order multiple calendars in one transaction. I, too, wish customers could choose a quantity but the system just doesn’t allow it. Thank you for persevering. We appreciate your purchases and I’m please to say that your calendar purchases have already been relayed to my mailing house so they should arrive within the next two weeks. Happy Holidays, and thank you again for your comments. ~Carrie

  15. I just pre-ordered two historical calendars. It was chore as I had to order them one at a time.

    You would sell more calendars if you had a “quantity” column. These calendars make terrific gifts, but I use two in my office showing this month and next month – much faster to look than bring up the computer calendar.

    • Hi Andrea, Thanks for your comment. My system doesn’t allow for a quantity column, so I have set up codes to purchase multiple calendars at one time. I will update our web pages to include the quantity codes in hopes of making future purchases easier. Sorry you had to muddle through this time, but thanks again for pointing this out. Enjoy the calendars, they should ship this week or next!

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