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Nevada Magazine becomes a free publication!

(Posted December 2021) Starting with the first issue of 2022, Nevada Magazine will become Nevada Magazine & Visitor Guide. We’ve answered many of the questions regarding this change below, so please take a look! You can order the new guide here and find a list of locations to pick it up here.

What is happening to Nevada Magazine? 

Starting in 2022, Nevada Magazine will become a free publication. We will continue to publish quarterly with the first issue released in February 2022. Issues will be as follows: February-March-April; May-June-July; August-September-October; November-December-January. We will no longer offer paid print subscriptions, but digital subscriptions to NevadaMagazine.com are still available. 

Why is it changing? I liked it the way it was! 

As an agency within the Department of Tourism and Cultural Affairs, Nevada Magazine is the publishing arm of Travel Nevada, so merging the Visitor Guide and Nevada Magazine into a larger and more robust publication makes great sense. An increase in distribution will allow us to provide more information to a greater audience of Nevada lovers. First-time visitors—as well as lifelong Nevada adventurers—will benefit from the blend of personal stories you are used to in Nevada Magazine with content such as itineraries and quick-hit information typical of the annual Visitors Guide. 

What if I still want it mailed to me? 

All current print subscribers will receive the four issues created in 2022. If you decide you want to continue to receive Nevada Magazine & Visitor Guide, visit travelnevada.com/travel-guides and enter your contact information. Issues will be mailed directly to you. You’ll be able to choose which of the issues you want sent to you once they are printed. 

The majority of our subscribers have less than 3 years’ worth of issues on their accounts. Each issue is approximately $4 when the costs of subscriptions are broken down, but when you add that to the cost of sending out printed refunds to each subscriber, it would be become so cost prohibitive it could jeopardize the magazine’s future. We deeply value our subscribers and are offering a variety of products that have a commensurate value as our way of saying thank you. Our terms of service—found here nevadamagazine.com/subscribe —are clear about our refund policy but we want to go beyond that so our subscribers know we are sincere in our thanks. Each subscriber will receive the new magazine, thereby fulfilling our terms of service but we acknowledge that this is a change for our readers. 

What is happening with NevadaMagazine.com?

Our website will remain, but it too will get some exciting updates. For starters, new content will be added each month for digital subscribers. Each issue of Nevada Magazine & Visitors Guide will be uploaded.

What about the annual calendar, ghost town book and map, and all the products I love? 

Our historical calendar will still be created and available for sale, and we will continue to sell our other products also. You can find them on our shop page: nevadamagazine.com/shop.

I still have questions.

Please email [email protected] or call 775-687-0610 or 855-729-7117 and leave a brief message along with a good return phone number and/or email address. As you can imagine, we are busy handling many requests and ask that you remain patient and know that we will contact you at our earliest opportunity.