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Find Your Flock

Six prime hotspots for watching feathered friends. Nevada’s vast landscape holds many secrets, not the least of which is its popularity with birds. While it may come as a surprise to some, the number of recorded bird species visiting, breeding, or living in the state is a whopping 488. Hundreds of thousands of birds following […]
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Finding Feathers

Each seasoned bird hunter knows the feeling. The perfect conditions lead to the perfect day hunting. A warm sun complements solitude offered atop the mountain peaks, hunting dogs bound and leap with electrified energy searching for birds, and a light layer of snow on the ground reveals hundreds of tiny chukar footprints. Suddenly, the hunter hears the intoxicating and familiar chirping of dozens of chukar high on the mountain above him. Chuck chuck chuck chuck chuck chuck chuck chuck chuck chuck chuck chuck.
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Falconry Family

As the early morning sun paints its colors across the Carson Range, the piercing scream of a hawk slices through the serenity. We slide stealthily past rabbitbrush and sage toward the sound of mallard ducks over the next bank. Our hearts race in anticipation of the moment the hawk will make its majestic flight.