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Dinner With a Side of History

Combine a tour of the city’s historic buildings with some of its hippest restaurants and watering holes. These establishments often boast up to a century (or more) of civic pride, but their menus keep it fresh, innovative, and mouthwatering!
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Hamburger Heaven

America’s favorite food was born in the mid-1800s when vendors started serving “steak in the Hamburg style,” which meant lower-quality beef that was ground, spiced, cooked, and served between bread. First popular with immigrants and sailors, hamburgers soon swept the nation as a meal for the common folk that was cheap, tasty, and portable. Today, hamburgers are ubiquitous: a culinary staple nearly guaranteed on every restaurant menu in the country (and many abroad). Despite this proliferation, burger tourism is a rewarding venture because every region offers a unique spin on the classic. Such is the experience across Nevada, and while every community has at least one great burger option, we HIGHLY recommend these.