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Nevada Twilight

In 1956, the American CinemaScope epic film “The Conqueror” hit the big screen. The movie was produced by business magnate and film tycoon Howard Hughes, and starred John Wayne as the Mongol leader Genghis Khan. The movie details Genghis Khan’s love for Bortai—the daughter of a rival tribe—whom he steals away, causing a war. Once the movie hit theaters, it was clear it was cursed.
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Best of Nevada 2015 Winners

18th ANNUAL READERS’ SURVEY To choose “the best” is a tough endeavor in a state as great as ours. Nevada is home to so many top restaurants,  shows,  attractions, golf courses, etc…we have just about run out of superlatives.  That’s where you come in; each year, our readers vote for their favorite things about Nevada. We added some new categories this […]
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Harolds Club

Harolds Club RENO’S WILD WEST CASINO EXPERIMENT LEAVES LASTING IMPRESSION ON GAMING. BY DORESA BANNING The giant, $60,000 mural that once hung over Harolds Club’s South Virginia Street entrance in Reno now stands in front of the Reno-Sparks Livestock Center as an homage to this pioneering Nevada casino. The 70-foot-long, 35-foot-tall painting is vibrant in […]