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Freedom Fishing

Picture fly fishing a pristine mountain stream; a poetic scene. The sun is smiling down warmly, the birds are calmly singing, and soothing sounds of nature fill the angler with peace. Each cast is artistic, and nearly every flick of the line leads to a plump trout on the other end. Everything is perfect, and the angler smiles as they have not a care in the world. That is not what fly fishing is like at all.
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Through the Lens: Lamoille Canyon

  BY MEGG MUELLER Nevada Magazine has run stories about Lamoille Canyon for more than 70 years. We’ve written about Lamoille Canyon in the winter, summer, spring, and fall. We’ve covered the hikes, the skiing, the camping, and the wildflowers. We’ve written about the Ruby Mountains where the 12-mile canyon was formed, dug many ice […]
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Tahoe Lobster Company

Tahoe Lobster Company Why “clarity by cuisine?” Well, you have to know Lake Tahoe’s history with that pesky—yet yummy—intruder: the crayfish, aka crawdad or crawfish. Story & Photos By Richard Massey The story of the Tahoe Lobster Company begins with the first written introduction of signal crayfish in 1895: 19 males and 31 females in […]