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Tonopah Historic Mining Park

Tonopah BY ERIC CACHINERO In the days of old, miners seldom just stumbled upon massive silver strikes. That’s because silver ore doesn’t exactly look like the shimmering, polished metal found in wedding bands and werewolf bullets. Silver ore is oftentimes an amalgamation of many different types of minerals, and usually requires an assay to determine […]
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Ancient Nevada: Part VI – Geology

Ancient Nevada – Geology Sixth of six-part series explores the geology of the Great  Basin. BY ERIC CACHINERO A fire raged some 15 million years ago that still glows to this day. Though the embers are now cool enough to hold in your hands, the colors are as bright as ever. During the time when it […]
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Through The Lens: Cathedral Gorge State Park

  THROUGH THE LENS CATHEDRAL GORGE STATE PARK Geological wonder has photographers and adventurers flocking to natural beauty. BY ERIC CACHINERO The otherworldly atmosphere of Cathedral Gorge State Park may give visitors the impression that they have stepped foot on—well—another planet. Forged from violent and fiery volcanic activity and wrought by millions of years of […]