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Yesterday: Nevada Tourist Roads are Calling You

This story originally appeared in the January/February 1946 issue of Nevada Highways and Parks. Americans have at last emerged from the A-card era and entered the “fill ‘er up” stage. The Great War has ended. Gas rationing is out, tires are much easier to get with good prospects for future supplies. New cars, with trimmer lines and post-war styles, are beginning to show themselves on the highways.
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Yesterday: Good Roads Aid Human Progress

The desire for good roads and highways is not a new one. As soon as man discovered the wheel and its possibilities, immediately he yearned for good roads, and, step by step, secured them.
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On The Road To Cowboy Poetry

I was insistent upon driving to the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering in Elko this year. Having lived in Nevada since 1997 and in Las Vegas since 1998, I knew I was missing out on the unique history of the state by always heading to an airport instead of hopping in a car when traveling.