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Free-Range Art Highway

Ready to give your camera a workout? With the Free-Range Art Highway as your canvas, the photo-op stops are countless. Whether you’re a newbie photographer just learning the definition of aperture or a veteran documentarian seeking new stories, you’ll find plenty of odd and awesome vistas to ogle along this Reno-to-Vegas road trip. 
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Ansel in Incline

In the year 1938, Lake Tahoe was a very different place than what we see today. The forests were recovering from being clear cut in the late 1800s; the highway was a narrow, winding road; and few people lived year-round in Incline Village. The first tunnel had been blasted through Cave Rock, improving access, but still a trip around Lake Tahoe was not a trivial excursion. This didn’t stop a young photographer named Ansel Adams from making the trip.