The Pony Express

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The Ride Stuff

Mountain biking was once the domain of young thrill-seekers; today, everyone has a fat-tire bike. From retirees to teens, the desire to get off the asphalt and see more of the land has spurred the creation of myriad trails and an impressive stewardship toward our public lands. According to the International Mountain Biking Association (IMBA), eight […]
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Nevada Part III: Twain, Trains, & The Pony Express

BY RON SOODALTER During the mid-to-late-1800s, Nevada passed in record time from unsettled wilderness, to the nation’s premier gold and silver mecca, to its 36th state. In the process, it underwent a number of improvements designed to bring it up to par with its sister states and to ease its passage into the modern world. […]
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Sands Of Time

SANDS OF TIME Former Pony Express station is well worth the short Highway 50 detour. STORY & PHOTOS BY GREG MCFARLANE No American institution that lasted a mere year and a half— not Zachary Taylor’s presidency, the Tennessee Oilers, nor the “Da Ali G Show”—is remembered as nostalgically as the Pony Express. The revolutionary service, […]